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    Should add a 'zombie ninjas' in the name too boot.

    Anyway, while waiting on some assets on a bigger project, I played a bit with idea to modify the rules to simple and well known games.

    One of the ideas that actually now has ended up as a playable game on the phone is ‘battle tic tac toe’. It is the normal ‘tic tac toe’ rules, but you and the computer opponent can attack areas already held by the other.

    The player gains levels and finds items to increase the odds of winning these encounters, that can have one of 3 outcomes: 1) no change (attacker didn’t do enough damage, defender managed to defend) 2): owner of area looses that area. 3) Hostile takeover, the attacking party gains control of the area.

    All stats and items and levelups are done ‘behind the scenes’ to prevent any management besides clicking.

    Not the next ‘iphone killer app’, but I personally think its funny to hack away a bit. While coding and test playing I also get all sorts of ideas how to expand the concept. Reinforced fortifications.. random env. Effects.

    Obviosly needs some touchups etc, but if anyone is up for a little ‘tic tac toe/RPG hybrid’ check it out when it’s done :)




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