Universal Battle Slimes! Local-multiplayer arena shooter

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  1. AdventureIslands

    AdventureIslands Well-Known Member

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    BATTLE SLIMES is a fun local multiplayer game. Control speedy & bouncy slime blobs as you compete with friends and family. Score by stomping or hitting rivals with colorful bubbles. Just avoid getting hit yourself!

    This platformer/shooter game features simple one-button jump controls. Play against the computer or up to four friends in matches. Choose from two different game modes and four different battle arenas. Pick power-ups to turn the tide of the battle! Who will be the last slime standing?

    - Simple one-button controls!
    - 2 different game modes: timed matches or limited lives!
    - 2-4 player simultaneous multiplayer against humans or the computer!
    - 4 different arenas, each with their own features!
    - 4 different power-ups to gain the upper hand!

    Dodreams Ltd. has previously published free games such as KUNIN and FADING FAIRYTALES. We would love to hear your feedback. Check us out:






  2. AdventureIslands

    AdventureIslands Well-Known Member

    Changed the trailer in the first post to a new HD version. Check it out! Watch it with highest quality.
  3. RaveofRavendale

    Dec 10, 2014
    Clever idea! It makes me think of a sort of one-touch version of Towerfall! But, you know, with smile
  4. AdventureIslands

    AdventureIslands Well-Known Member

    Well this is disappointing, but Dodreams decided to push back the game's release. New release date is 8th of January. Apologies for anyone who was looking forward the game this Thursday.

    On the upside, I have some more time to polish the game. More content perhaps?
  5. Kirenx

    Kirenx Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2012
    Darn, was really looking forward to playing this one on the weekend. So are there any notable differences from one level to another or just layout? If not, some unique mechanics for each level or even just a unique power-up that only appears on a certain stage might make things more interesting from one match to another.
  6. AdventureIslands

    AdventureIslands Well-Known Member

    Besides the layout, each arena has it's own gimmick:

    -Forest is basic arena that has nothing special on it. Great if you want to have just a basic match.

    -Factory arena has bunch of moving platforms you can use to climp or change directions.

    -Ruins has lots of platforms, but they break shortly after anyone steps on them. After breaking they will regenerate after couple of seconds.

    -Desert has quicksand that will slow down your walking speed, you need to stay in air or walk on platforms to move fast in this arena.
  7. kinshuksunil

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    Feb 24, 2013
    Founder & Game Designer at Hashstash
    This reminds me so much of Towerfall.. Looking forward to play it.
  8. AdventureIslands

    AdventureIslands Well-Known Member

    While the game got pushed back couple of weeks, the long wait is soon over and the game is finally getting release next Thursday, stay tuned!
  9. AdventureIslands

    AdventureIslands Well-Known Member

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