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    Hola Friends & Foes!

    Have you played sea battle in school or with your family? Do you still like the occassional fast paced seek & destroy thrill? Do you like singleplayer and cross-platform multiplayer experiences? Are you a psychic? Read on.

    This is the announcement of our upcoming 1.3 patch for our "Battle Series" games. These games are already live on iTunes and Google Play (DL links below the app icons). The difference between the three games are the ship forms - besides that, they play exactly the same. Release date of the patch is April 20th.

    Fleet Battle

    Air Battle

    Space Battle

    (Yes, I know the store names suck, but we need the extra space as a keyword source.)

    Now, I know that Battleship games aren't the hottest shit around, but, as with all things, you can do things right or you can do things wrong. I loved playing battleship when I was a kid and still like playing such games. Our formula for the series was and is: keep it simple! Since November we update the games again and our ratings have been 4+ stars on both platforms since then. The games are free and there is only one IAP integrated, which removes the advertising.

    When we first released Fleet Battle in 2013 it was nothing but a quick introduction for Ralph to learn to work with Unity3D. Fast forward two and a half years and this is the game that keeps us alive.

    Fleet Battle is doing well. Over 1000 downloads per day on iOS, 3000-5000 on Google Play and lots of good reviews. You will always find people playing online, since our player base is very widespread.

    Not so with Air Battle and Space Battle. They have less visibility, only getting about 300-400 downloads across both platforms. Not enough for fluent online play.

    So we asked ourselves, wouldn't it be cool to make the games interplayable? "Yes!" was the answer and that is what patch 1.3 is about.

    Three games interplayable with one another!

    Players may choose their matchmaking options of course:


    This is an experiment for us. Perhaps people will like it, perhaps they'll flame us ("Why didn't you make only one game? You guys are stupid!") - whatever, time will tell. If all goes well, we probably do a "Land Battle" spin-off in the future, cause that's what's missing thematically.

    Give the games a go. Here's a quick feature list:

    - Online quick match & play with friends mode
    - Singleplayer with three AI difficulties
    - Local Wifi and local hotseat mode
    - Chat (option of what to say)
    - Statistics (coming with 1.3)
    - Translated into 14 languages
    - Blueprint graphics

    I would be happy to discuss the games and the idea of interplayable games in general with you. If you ever play an online match vs Alfredo Kong - that's me. I will sink your fleet! Have a good time!

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