Battle of Galaxies – Space Conquest LIVE on Android!

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    Feb 21, 2013
    We are extremely pleased to announce that Battle of Galaxies – Space Conquest, the exciting 3D space battle game giving you a thrilling experience of space voyage, has been launched on the Android platform! This great new challenging game is now available for download on the Google Play store here.

    Battle of Galaxies – Space Conquest provides a thrilling experience of space voyage fighting enemy battleships and protecting galaxies from enemy invasions. This tactical conquest lets you develop your own space battle strategies to fight off enemy powers.


    Players can select different galaxies to progress through different missions and objectives by fighting enemy armored ships. You can upgrade your space ships and unlock multiple warships by defeating enemy powers and completing missions.


    So are you ready to build on your tactics to fight the Battle of Galaxies and protect your universe from ultimate destruction?


    • Fully personalized & mesmerizing outer-space battle adventure
    • Fast paced arcade style game play
    • 3 different galaxies with many space missions
    • Immensely challenging space missions to test your convoy
    • Spectacular universe with hundreds of planets and space stations
    • Multiple warships to unlock
    • Guided missile along with heavy machine gun
    • Magnetic field to attract collectables
    • Game Centre Leaderboard and Social Media sharing

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