Battle Games Online

Roberto Livi
Enroll in epic 5 vs 5 team brawl fight online! Smash the opposing team and create the dream 5 of hero fighters! Start yo…
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Enroll in epic 5 vs 5 team brawl fight online! Smash the opposing team and create the dream 5 of hero fighters! Start your quest of legendary fighting battles with Battle Games Online! --- Keen on challenging the best in combat? Addicted to the excitement & adrenaline of team fight brawls? Get ready to enter the arena and prove who are the strongest 5 in the game! Enjoy a thrill of the competition in this epic multiplayer online brawl that it will test how your character's fighting skills measure up against the rival team. 3 GAME MODES Designed for two groups at a time with 5 players each, this action game features three different playing modes: 1) Battle League: Fight other teams to get to the next level. Win and get rewards depending on how far you’ve come in the league. 2) Battle Games Event: Join the inner circle. An event with high pressure that takes place three times a month on the weekends where teams that already scored some wins fight on in hopes of winning the whole event. 3) Survival Games: Welcome to the biggest event this game has to offer. The most prestigious level in the game that takes place once a month on a weekend. You’d be battling against the strongest contenders to become the best this game has to offer. You go until you lose unless you can manage to be 100-0! GET TO 3 VICTORIES Every battle is one on one and the team that is first to score three 3 victories wins. Each character is fully customizable so you’re free to play around and create your perfect avatar. To increase your chances of winning make sure you’ll seek out and collect the following: • Gemstones • Power Rings • Power Necklaces • Power Gloves • Royals (in-game currency) WHY THIS SMASHING BRAWL FIGHT MULTIPLAYER BATTLE: - stunning scenery, realistic 3D graphics & comics style artwork - 3 multiplayer brawl game modes - dramatic soundtrack - customize your fighters - create your dream 5 Don’t miss the energy and adrenaline of power brawl fighting! Go build the dream fighter team and smash any other team that gets in the way. Do you have the instinct & heart to win all the thrilling brawl showdowns? Download Battle Games Online now for free!
Seller:Roberto Livi
Release:Nov 03, 2019
Updated:Nov 03, 2019
Size:700.0 MB
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