Universal Battle for Blood - Epic battles within 30 seconds! (by YFC games)

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  1. Someone please tell me there's a way to shut off hints in this game? I don't feel like I'm playing.
  2. niflying

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    Dec 4, 2011

    Hi, AppUnwrapper
    you can shut off the hints like this


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  3. Ahh thanks!
  4. This game is stupid hard. It's a shame, because I really like the gameplay, but the game does not give enough gold for all the upgrades needed and no matter how big I make my army, the bosses cut through them like butter. I may have to delete it so I'll stop trying, as it's clear the game wants me to spend money to succeed.

    I've tried this level way too many times and I'm convinced that boss is simply too strong.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Houston, TX
    I beat level 20 on my first try. I did use up a number of the consumable special powers to help me.

    I am really enjoying this game. My one question (apologies if already answered) is what is the criteria to earn 3 stars on a level?
  6. I finally deleted the game on level 27 because I feared for my sanity.
  7. geno11233

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    Nov 29, 2013
    Yeah this definitely feels like a F2P game...
  8. orangecan

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    Aug 9, 2011
    I got to level 34 before giving up.... It originally had timers in it which the Dev removed but even with that gone it still feels F2P unfortunately
  9. liquoredonlife

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    Managed to beat all the way to lvl 60 without IAP:

    Swordsman, archer, eagle warrior and warlock

    Bought 5 of every item and used them during the boss fight. Upgraded some of the items a few levels.

    Definitely the strategy is to find the balance between units per level. Rarely does it make sense to use the stronger units. I used them very rarely except in levels that required a high unit count, high single target burst or something. On levels where it's moved limited rather than time based, sometimes stacking more units to force free rearranges is good because it can swap into a cascading match chain.

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  10. liquoredonlife

    Feb 20, 2010
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    Feedback for dev:
    1. Please explain the actual stat gains. Is Atk and Def flat values or percentage gain?
    2. Show score counter in game as well as score needed to earn stars. How does score get calculated? Is it number of units killed? Units you spawned? Units of yours that didn't die? Total damage? Speed of completion? Many variables.
    3. What does CRI do? Is it chance for critical damage? If so, is critical damage 200% attack damage?
    4. SPD is useful for a ranged class (archer, warlock) but doesn't seem so for melee (Swordsman, peasant). Also, units don't turn around which is okay, but it makes speed seem more useless stat for that enemy type.
    5. Can we sell upgrades? It makes experimenting with stat changes easier.
    6. Game balance is tricky - the game is beat with using upgraded weak units rather than the strong units you unlock later on unless you like to gamble with matching for the stronger units. This is only possible when the game board doesn't have weird shapes or fixed tiles that make matching harder.

    Below are some game strats on v1.0.1 that worked for me:

    Stats to upgrade
    atk on: +archer, +eagle warrior, peasants, swordsman
    heal: warlock (gets expensive quick, but this becomes critical to keeping your melee frontline alive)
    def: eagle warrior, peasants, swordsman
    hp: eagle warrior, peasants, swordsman
    spd: archer, warlock

    Primary unit combos
    For 84 or less: swordsman, archer, eagle warrior, warlock
    Occasional use of peasant in lieu of swordsman for slightly higher unit requirement; wizard, royal guards, and armored swordsman as well for 100 unit requirement. No need to upgrade the feudal knights, royal guards, wizard or royal knights. Try and have more offensive units (archer, eagle warrior, wizard) than defensive units (peasant, swordsman, armored swordsman, royal guard, royal knight). Almost always need Warlock.

    When you load, the game waits for you to make your first matching move before enemy spawns or timer starts. If the matching look bad, touch the top middle of the screen, exit the level, and re-enter it. It won't consume a cart, but if you start the game and then try to do this, it'll consume the cart. If the map has:
    - mud tiles that disappear when a match happens nearby, look for an immediate match that will break those tiles on the first move
    - a small or difficult to match pattern board, look for a series of matches that will get you a good start (a warlock, an archer, and one melee would be a good start)
    - look for the 4/5 matches as much as possible- clearing more tiles at once is what spawns crazy match chains which spawns a ton of your units

    - Angel Heart is very useful for the level 60 boss fight where the boss immolates all of your units. May be useful on levels with bumrush 3rd waves like Level 17
    - Boulder is useful for level 51+ when a gargoyle might jump past your frontline onto your archer/warlocks or even past them. It has a slow spawn time so you have to spawn it early if you need it to knock something down.

    Notable enemy types

    - Level 5x- gargoyles teleport past your melee line into your ranged units. The strat to counter this normally is to not use up all your moves and save a few moves so you can spawn backup units to counter the gargoyle. The evil mage randomly mind controls one of your melee against you. If you have enough attack, this is such a small factor unless he mind controls your royal guard or something.
    - Level 4x- their archers will max range your melee; your frontline needs to be able to tank it by having enough hp, def and heals coming from your warlock
    - Level 3x- abominations will freeze a portion of your melee (which makes them untargetable but then allow their melee to walk past)
  11. rittchard

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    Nov 11, 2011
    Sorry if this has been covered before, but is there somewhere that explains how to get 3 star completions? And also what exactly is the reward for getting more stars?

    Also any hints for lvl 50 would be appreciated!
  12. liquoredonlife

    Feb 20, 2010
    There isn't an explanation yet on how to get 3 stars. In my experience completing specific levels over and over, there are score thresholds that determine how many stars you get. I have not noticed any reward or bonus for more stars.

    My level 50 unit comp: swordsman, archer, eagle warrior, warlock, armored swordsman
    swordsman, archer, eagle warrior, warlock, wizard, royal guards - for exactly 100 unit points.

    I beat this level after a few attempts but on repeated attempts it's definitely reliant on some level of luck. The boss teleports around and at some point you can't spawn more units due to the timer so your backline can get murdered if the boss doesn't get burned down fast enough. If you run the latter unit comp, you definitely need to prioritize matches that can facilitate wizard/royal guard spawns when possible.
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    May 10, 2012
    Stuck at 55 for a while now.
    Also found a bug/exploit. How can I send it to you?
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    Any words on when the new levels are coming? The "coming soon" is getting to be an eyesore. It has been awhile. Would probably delete this game if there isn't going to be any new levels. It was fun while it last

    Edit: deleted game to save space. Bye bye

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