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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by rjsim, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Sep 21, 2008
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    When purchasing a game, one major factor (along with price and replayability) is how much battery it uses. If I feel that it will quickly drain my battery, I don't buy/download it. I don't want to be charging my touch everyday. So I pose the question: how important is a game's or app's battery usage important to you?

    Also, what factors play in how much battery is used? I assume that accelerometer usage, WiFi usage and higher, 3D graphic drain it more. Any more factors?
  2. Buster08

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    Dec 5, 2008
    How much battery a game uses is hugely important to me. I buy games based on battery usage and replayability.
  3. Everydaynormalguy

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    Oct 5, 2008
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    Battery life ain't a factor for me since all the good games drain it like crazy. I've just learned to accept it...
  4. SpotlightEyes

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Couldn't care less since everything about the iPhone is a battery hog in general. In reality, I'm never away from the ability to charge the phone for long enough that it would ever be an issue, so I don't worry about it, and thus its a non-issue.
  5. Maeks

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    Dec 21, 2008
    Since I'm a pessimist, I fear over my Touch's battery life, what with the replacement hassles and all (Not to mention that I'm not sure my iPod is under warranty because I bought it in Japan...), but in general it isn't such a HUGE factor for me.

    Obviously, I don't want a game that is gonna be playable for only an hour before I have to recharge, but at the same time, I'm willing to accept it if it's fun (and cheap) and I'm at home or something.

    A good example is Zone Warrior, which of all the games I've downloaded, sucks the battery out the most. But it's fun, and it's a good pick up and play game that doesn't take a lot of dedication (timewise) and I can turn it off fast if I need to and not be worried about my game.

    It's gonna be a challenge for developers (as well as Apple advertising the iPhone/Touch as a gaming device) to come up with good games that don't abuse the battery, and in all honesty is probably one of the biggest problems in terms of the iPhone/Touch being a "gaming device".
  6. SydneyS

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    Nov 28, 2008
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    I have to say that battery life is an important factor to me as well. I take my ipod to classes with me and need it to last the entire day. I can only play certain games when I am at home because I need the battery to last, like chocolate shop frenzy, rolando, or sneezies. I have also started carrying around a portable charger so i can charge it when I am not using it.

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