iPad Bathroom Popper

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    Experience the ultimate bubble tapping experience in Bathroom Popper! Endless gameplay in the hunt for the highest score. The game is filled with light-hearted humor and beautiful graphics with intuitive controls made for your iPhone.

    This is the ultimate bubble popper for the iPhone! :)


    Tap the bubbles that rise from your bathtub. Don't miss a bubble, for you will lose the game! In tight spots, shake your iPhone sideways to stop the bubbles for a few seconds.


    - Beautiful graphics.
    - Bathroom songs from the mouth of a pro bathroom singer!
    - Taptaptaptappititap!
    - Languages in finnish and in english.
    - Easter Eggs!
    - A possessed rubber duck!
    - Special Rubber Duck mode, where you have to tap as many rubber ducks as you can!
    - Fun and entertaining gameplay for your whole family.
    - Instructions.
    - Great pickup and play game!



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