Universal Baseball Game <Inning Eater>

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    Play Movie : http://youtu.be/Ro6sNq2OzPc

    1. Inning Eater is a game of baseball batting battle. The user competes with other users from all over the world for batting ranking.
    Test your batting skill against talented pitchers throwing fast and powerful pitches.

    2. Inning Eater pursues a real baseball game. It is a unique baseball game implemented in 2D instead of 3D.
    Experience batting against a pitcher similar to a real pitcher.

    3. Inning Eater is a batting game but we put more emphasis on the pitcher.
    Through this, you can experience a new aspect about baseball. This is the reason why this game is called Inning Eater.

    4. We are in the process of creating an intermediate channel for users at level 10 or higher.
    In the intermediate channel, please look forward to more powerful pitchers equipped with new pitching arsenals.

    Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

    Download URL : http://itunes.apple.com/app/id819402402?mt=8
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