Bark Park! Animal Battle Arena

Ancient Games DS
Pee on trees to capture territory in an epic, free-for-all multiplayer battle for Bark Park supremacy!
 Bark Park is a …
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Pee on trees to capture territory in an epic, free-for-all multiplayer battle for Bark Park supremacy!
 Bark Park is a hilariously original and fiercely competitive action strategy game. Players can test their tinkling skills against other canines over the internet or set up custom matches with friends.
 Drink from the fountain, fill up your water meter and then pee on the trees to win points. Don’t forget to protect your trees and distract rivals with the awesome POWER UPS! Use your prize money to unlock 101 new dogs, tons of costumes, accessories and 20 game worlds. 
------------------- BARK PARK – FEATURES ------------------- • Real-time Multiplayer PvP • Small, fast-paced battle arenas • Unique twist on free-for-all MOBA games • Hilarious concept • Short battles for the perfect pick-up-and-play experience • Beautiful but simple graphics and UI. • Hugely Customisable playable characters. • Unlock over 101 dogs to play as • Lots of costumes and accessories for your dogs • Upgrade your own dog park • Unlock 20 new game worlds • Masses of content to explore and unlock. 
 DRINK, BARK & PEE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY Bark and pee your way to victory in this fast-paced, unique take on the moba/battle arena genre. Drink from the fountain, find a tree and pee on it to claim it and earn points. Defend your trees against other dogs by using epic power ups. Small moba battle arenas make for hilarious moments and intense, free-for-all action against other players in the ultimate PvP showdown. Adapt your strategy on the go to keep other dogs from peeing on your trees. Who will be crowned king tinkler? UPGRADE YOUR OWN DOG PARK What’s the use of being the best in the park if you can’t show off? Spend your prize money earned from the arena on upgrading your own dog park with everything from slides and fountains to fairground rides and luxury kennels fit for a canine king. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER There are hundreds of different combinations to choose from to create your dream dog! Mix and match faces, clothes and accessories to out-swag your canine competitors as you battle in the arena. Don’t just beat your opponents in PvP fights, do it in style! From the indie studio that brought you MAXIMUM CAR, 8-BIT WATERSLIDE and FAST FOOD RAMPAGE! DOWNLOAD BARK PARK FOR ACTION-PACKED, HILARIOUS MULTIPLAYER FUN!
Seller:Ancient Games DS
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Feb 11, 2020
Updated:Aug 28, 2020
Size:595.9 MB
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