Barista Blitz [Ayopa Games] Announced, Hitting iOS on March 10!

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by JohnnyCoghlan, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Hi TA forum folks - today Ayopa Games has announced Barista Blitz! It's a casual-appearing game with some real challenge underneath the surface, combining Puzzle & Dragons-style gameplay with beautifully crafted visuals and culinary locations around the world. Barista Blitz will launch on iOS this March 10, 2016.

    Created by Atlanta-headquartered indie dev Extrafeet, Barista Blitz enables players to move tiles around the game board and create combinations of ingredients. These combinations result in well over a hundred different thirst-quenching drinks and tasty foods which must be served to a line of impatient waiting customers!

    The announcement trailer below should make your mouth water with anticipation for March 10. Post here on the thread if you'd like a promo code to get the game now, and we'll fire one over. Genuine thanks as always for the awesome support and feedback all!


    Key Features
    • An awesome new way to Match-3!
    • Hundreds of sumptuous levels to conquer with locations including the Coffee Shop, Sushi Bar, Ice Cream Stand and Pizza Parlor.
    • Craft over 100 treats including iced coffees, velvet cupcakes, sushi rolls, cheeseburgers, chocolate sundaes, and even pepperoni pizza!
    • Multiple game modes with a variety of objectives – each level offers a new challenge and great new ways to succeed!
    • Grab special bonus tiles including Magic Coins, and avoid pesky hazards like Onion Volcanoes and Broken Steamers.
    • Use invaluable special boosters for an extra advantage such as Diamonds and Lucky Cats!
    • Explore a wonderful action-packed world with beautiful graphics to make you smile.
    • Move tiles around the board in a swirl to create multiple matches at once, just like a real Barista swirls steamed milk into a Cappuccino to make designs!
    • Challenging but rewarding gameplay.
    • Only on iOS - looks great on all iPhone and iPad devices!

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