Universal Bardcard (by Kevin Mikles)

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    Hey, why not a worldwide release?
    Marketing wise if you look from AAA big publishers games to indie gems, they have 6-8 languages for the bigger markets worldwide and to all others, English are more than enough. As I live in a country with a difficult language from the thousands of games i have bought from AppStore's day one, is a matter to have found my native language in more than 5-6 games... and that's more than alright for me.
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    @Rocco SE -- We're happy you're enjoying it! Yup, we've received lots of feedback regarding starting from checkpoints and we have a few ideas on how to improve the experience. One idea surfaced today after analyzing gameplay data (I'll put this thought in a spoiler just in case I give too much information away):

    Each "zone" (defined as a group of floors before each checkpoint e.g. floors 1-7) contains tasks that should be completed. Rewards earned from these tasks are taken into account when we balance each zone: The idea is if a player has completed all the tasks in a zone, they should be powerful enough to complete the zone starting from the checkpoint. Otherwise, assuming the player has completed all the tasks in the previous zone, they should be powerful enough to complete the tasks in the current zone (with a little bit of luck -- sometimes those random numbers are not kind ;))

    A problem I'm realizing is that tasks are easily missed -- they're not really "in your face". I've heard some players not even know about the task list (stuffed in the in-game "Journal" tab) until they were most of the way through the game. This is apparent while sifting through the game data. One example: Only 50% of all players who have completed floor 1 (so at least minimally engaged) have ended up completing the first task. I need to get this number higher :D because not having the reward from this task makes starting from checkpoints more difficult.

    To address the hunch I have from the spoiler: I believe I need to do a better job providing more guidance in-game regarding what the player needs to do. One way is to update the "tasks" UI to make them more easily discoverable and informative. This will be in one of the next updates.

    Another approach involves more persistent player progression -- imagine starting from a checkpoint and not being experience level one. We have high-level ideas about this documented, but this is a much larger change. We need to think carefully about the ramifications. In the meantime, experimenting with the UI should (hopefully) yield better results for players.

    Anyways, thank you for the feedback! We are excited to make Bardcard better.

    @AltsKev and @ironsam80 -- One reason we've been slow to roll out worldwide (other than our initial localization assumptions) is that we'd like to improve the game before getting more players. We're receiving pretty consistent feedback on a few aspects that make the game less fun, so we'd like to take a stab at solving them first. It'll (hopefully) be worth the wait :) I'll update this thread when we release further.
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    Maybe you could give a clue about what floor the thing was missed if we missed it X times?

    I can confirm once you get the weapon relic the game is much much easier.

    EDIT: one thing I didn’t notice is that the game gives actually the level at which you’ll get the artifact when you highlight the task.

    EDIT2: the reason the way points don’t work is that you start at level 1. It’s extremely hard to start at floor 15 with a level 1 character.
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    Lol I am 7 in the leaderboards now
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    I am right behind you mate in the leaderboards :p
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    Just wanted to say what a great game it is! So happy you released to the Italian store, I’m climbing the leaderboard…

    I agree with the checkpoint/level discussion. I’m currently starting from the latest checkpoint only if I want to try to complete a single room to obtain the star (and the points) if it’s not too far away.

    despite having all the artifacts, being level 1 with no food makes things very complicated.

    I have read your future plans and see a lot of good ideas. If you wanted to change things without changing the whole experience system you could also just set a minimum level for checkpoint. For example if you start from stage 8 you start as a level 3 and you can allocate the points at the beginning of the run.

    love the idea of an endless mode and more story as well (I didn’t complete the game yet).

    EDIT:just got to the end of chapter one and I can’t wait for chapter 2!

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