Bananamania pixel art midcore/arcade [FREE]

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    Price : Free
    Category: Games
    Released: June 23, 2015
    Version: 1.1.0
    Size: 9.4 MB
    Language: English
    Android min : 4.4

    Bananamania on GooglePlay

    Bananamania is a funny pixel game in which you have to feed the bananas to the gorillas. Throw the bananas at the right moment to hit the girl and boy gorilla. Each gorilla will change costume each time you throw them a banana. They’ve got lots of funny matching costumes, so try to keep them matched up.

    Make sure you don’t miss a single banana, or the gorillas will get very upset and you will lose the level. The banana spinner will move faster and faster the longer you play. Can you keep up with the pace of the game and keep throwing the bananas in the right direction?

    Have Fun!

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