Tile Vs Orb : Fuse Number Tile

Vikas Viradiya
Download Tile Vs Orb and play one of the most exciting puzzles for iOS devices! Fire up your brain and combine tiles of…
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Download Tile Vs Orb and play one of the most exciting puzzles for iOS devices! Fire up your brain and combine tiles of the same number. Try to combine and clear the space for more tiles and orbs to continue playing. The game is over when there’s no more space on the board. It’s a very tricky game that requires you to think and strategize! Tile Vs Orb has very minimalistic & modern game design with various pixel colors to make the graphic more exciting. Try this game for FREE now! HOW TO PLAY: • Place a tile on the board to make a move. • If three or more tiles with the same number touch each other, they will fuse and become one tile. For example: Tiles number 1 will fuse to be a tile number 3. Tiles number 3 will fuse to be a tile number 9. Tiles number 9 will become 27, and so on. • Randomly you will also have to place a white ball on the board. These balls will bounce and move. • You cannot place a tile on a space occupied by the ball. • Trap the ball so it cannot move. Once it stands still, you can combine it with other trapped balls. • Once you can no longer place the next tile or ball the game will end. Pretty simple game concept and rules, but it’s not that easy to play! You might need to practice for a while before you can be the mastermind. But we guarantee that you will always have fun while playing! Just like other puzzle games, you have to be ready to use your brain in this tricky test. Most puzzles are either number puzzles or shape puzzles. In Tile Vs Orbs, you have to solve two types of puzzles at once! You have to stack the numerical tiles, and you also have to stack the white ballz that move on the screen. === FEATURES OF TILE VS ORBS: ==== • Minimalistic & colorful game design. • Endless number game that will fire up your brain. • No language barrier. • Great background music to accompany you play. • Simple game rules, but challenging to master. • Save your progress automatically. • Continue your previous game when you open the game. • Replay a board for better result. Like all typical gamer, we are always looking for a new puzzle to solve. We have tried various puzzle games such as 2048, connecting dots, fuse ballz or spheres, connecting cells, stacking the stackable tiles, and so on. These games really challenge our logic and strategy. They fire up our brains and turn us into a mastermind! That’s why typical games love puzzle games so much. Sometimes we have meltdown when we feel we cannot solve difficult puzzles and sometimes we feel we won’t be able to catch up with other gamers who have better gaming skill than us! However, if we persist and continue trying, we will be able to solve these puzzles eventually. So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to fire up your brain and solve this amazing number & sphere puzzle? If you do, just download our game and try it out now! --- Love Tile Vs Orbs? Please support us by leaving a rating & review!
Seller:Vikas Viradiya
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Mar 21, 2018
Updated:Apr 11, 2018
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