In a world where bread is often shoved into bags with little regard for the asymmetrical sandwiches it will some day pro…
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In a world where bread is often shoved into bags with little regard for the asymmetrical sandwiches it will some day produce, we bring you a game to help you take back your grocery bill. Bagger is a produce packed romp through the checkout aisle that offers two modes of game play and an endless amount of fun. This addicting game takes a seemingly mundane task and asks if it’s really as easy as it looks. Sort fruits, vegetables, jars, bread and more into grocery bags, but be conscious of size and weight. Pay attention even as things move faster and faster, or you’ll crush your purchases. Get your eggs out of the store in one piece and your apples home without looking like they narrowly escaped a smoothie bar fight. The more you bag successfully, the more you make. Be careful though, you’ll lose money if you lose items. As Bob is our witness, you’ll never have broken eggs again!

+ Bagger is a falling objects puzzle game that tests your memory and organizational skills.
+ Bagger is supported on all iOS devices running 3.1 or later
+ Bagger fully supports the retina display and the large iPad screen
+ Bagger is OpenFeint Enabled.

Game Modes:
There are currently two modes of play: Normal and Survival

Normal mode is the art of patient planning. Each round of play will give you a set of grocery items to sort and place into a bag. You, as the bagger must solve the puzzle and fit all the stackable items inside the bag without running out of time, crushing items, or overloading the storage area.

Survival mode's challenge is to fill as many grocery bags as possible. As the bagger, you must fill bags as they become empty to add to your earnings. This is a more forgiving gameplay in which crushing items does not end the game. Instead, the crushed items monetary gains of that bag will be lost. Overloading the storage area will still end the game.

Both modes will start slow and steady, but as you progress through the rounds, the pace quickens. Don't crush those fragile tomatoes, flatten the bread, or break the eggs. Your loyal customers will be grateful.
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Sep 27, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal