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    Hi All,

    Guys, I have seen most innovative and interactive baby book in iTune store, to record your baby precious moments from the time you feel her. I think this is the first time ever that anybody has combined the flip book feature with the interactivity in an app. We can add comments, photos and videos etc. And also the height/weight chart feature is cool. As they rightly put in their description, this app brings both the physical and digital experiences together.

    This can perfect gift to the soon to be parents or if you have kids you can show that you love them more.

    You can check the app here,

    Check out the app and you will thank me for sharing this information
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    So someone named jim_asman is trying to convince me he found a great app by Asman software? Too bad I don't get any terrific results when I look up my last name on the App Store. :(

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