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*NOTE: Awesome Snowcube ONLY SUPPORTS the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad2, iPad3, iPod Touch 4th Generation. Please DO NOT DO…
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*NOTE: Awesome Snowcube ONLY SUPPORTS the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad2, iPad3, iPod Touch 4th Generation. Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD on older devices.

Many will say that being square isn’t cool, but you’ll soon find out that being square is AWESOME! Take your Awesome Snowcube through an adventure in the sky. Bounce off clouds, use birds to reach new heights, and electrify your flight with helpful thunderclouds. Being different can seem like a disadvantage, but that’s more the reason to show your friends how AWESOME you can be!

- Tap to bounce off clouds and tap again for a double bounce that will blast you off to greater heights.
- Hit birds and rapid tap to fly even longer, then swipe to launch your bird at snowflakes for more rewards.
- Thunderclouds will launch you where you want to go with a mere swipe of the finger.
- The higher in the sky you go, the more multipliers you’ll get to make sure your score is the most awesome amogst your friends!
- Collect snowflakes to customize your Awesome Snowcube and be even more awesome with a variety of power-ups.

- Use snowflakes to show off your sense of style with over 35 unique items.
- Get cool hats.
- Sport awesome color schemes and body patterns.
- Complete your look with your choice of ski colors.

- Collect a ton of snowflakes with the Flake Magnet.
- Fly higher and longer with the Cool Bird and Awesome Bird.
- Get launched over greater distances with the Cool Cloud and Awesome Cloud.
- Use the Fart Bean to triple jump your way to awesomeness!
- Keep things going when the Ground Bounce launches you into the sky.
- Get a head start with the Slope Boost and Awesome Slope Boost.

- Collect snowflakes in game and use them to get power-ups and to customize your Awesome Snowcube!
- You don’t have enough snowflakes? Purchase a variety of flake bundles and packs, and even double the flakes you collect in every game.
- Purchase permanent power-ups and make sure you get the highest score amongst your friends!

You are already awesome, now here’s your chance to show everybody what you already know!

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Release:Jul 19, 2012
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