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    Welcome to this dragon airworld game that you don’t have to build city.
    Do you love playing dragon game? If yes, you must download Dragon Rise School!
    Dragon is a legendary creature that features in the myths of many cultures. Dragon is a symbol of power, royalty, good luck or Satan. Dragon carved stone is a featured symbol of particular city. And now, real live dragons are only can be seen while watching movie.
    Imagine that, what would you feel if you own a dragon?
    This is different that you don’t have to build a city for your dragon. If you love dragon game, then you must play this fun and FREE Dragon Rise School. Exciting jumping and flying of dragons are full of surprises and dangers. Help the dragon to avoid obstacles! You will have fun with training your dragon! Enjoy a full experience playing of dragon and have your own story in Dragon Rise School.
    Game Features:
    • Completely FREE and NO IN-APP purchases!
    • Dragon leaderboard is available.
    • Unlimited fun of gameplay.
    • Stunning visual & audio effects include character of blue dragons.
    • Exciting endless power ups to clear each level.
    • Simple game controls for you to play anytime and anywhere.
    • Suitable for all levels of ages include old citizens.
    • Share function with your friends all around the world.

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