aWallet-a simple and convenient way to track your expenses with iphone

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    aWallet is a simple but useful programme for you to manage your daily life’s expense perfectly. Thanks to it, you will be able to plan your expense relying on your own profile, to settle your budget and to view reports…
    Key Features:

    profile management
    - Add new/edit/copy/delete your profile.
    - build/edit/view plan for profile.
    - data export (single- or multi- profile) via email (csv format – usable in excel format).

    quick view
    - quick view for your remaining balance (for current selected profile).

    track your expense
    - dashboard(expense home) for your expense
    - add new/edit/delete expense info
    - powerful report for expense

    very simple and very convenient, right? you try and tell me your comments please

    If you want more details and features of the iphone application please visit website:
    Thank you very much!...
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