Avoid It Free

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    Mar 23, 2014

    Nomination and Selection

    - MomoCon 2015 - Indie Game Award Showcase Finalists
    - 2015 BicFestival (Busan Indie Connect Festival)


    The ultimate test for survival has just begun!

    There is no safety. Every single step is a new daring maneuver as you run, jump and roll through the hills of an ancient civilization, featuring a variety of traps that only grow in difficulty. Run for your life from a nightmarish tentacled horror that wants to see you exterminated!

    You are Zero, the lone survivor of your people, tasked by the spirit of your father to take your family’s ethereal light energy to the top of the mystic hill. Beware adventurer; the road will be an uphill battle, with jaw dropping surprises around every corner of this beautifully stylized challenge.

    “Bounce like your life depends on it” - Pocket Gamer
    "Press the wrong button and a grisly end could be met." - Dual Shockers
    "The controls, art, music and game play are top notch." - DroidGamers


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