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    INNOMAZ, Inc. is a young app publishing company based out of NYC. Hailing from South Korea, we at INNOMAZ approach
    content publishing from a cultural standpoint. We believe that the spread of culture requires a messenger, and our aim is to be
    that messenger with every product we present. Avoid It is our very first game, and we’re proud to say that not only is the gameplay fun and dynamic, but its immersive tribal atmosphere is built on a foundation of traditional Korean instruments.
    We hope to package genuine elements of culture within each app that we deliver. Download Avoid It and enjoy!

    A Story of Survival

    Zero lost everything he knew overnight. Gazing upon an expanse of
    smouldering ruins, he has no choice but to swallow the difficult truth:
    his entire species has been exterminated, and he is its lone survivor.

    With his father’s luminous soul as a beacon, Zero embarks on a suicide mission in the slim hopes of
    uncovering what befell his people. An ancient balance has been disturbed, and in order to restore it,
    Zero will have to climb from the bottom of his world to its very top and confront the gods themselves.

    Traps. Enemies. Horrors. Extinction. Can you AVOID IT?

    Available on iTunes here:

    AVOID IT is a vertically scrolling action platformer by Studio Ro, NOW AVAILABLE for iPhone and iPad
    that puts you in control of Zero as he makes the treacherous climb to meet the gods in the sky. Beautiful imagery,
    fast-paced gameplay, and an immersive storyline combines to form a highly addictive play experience. An increasingly
    wicked gauntlet of monstrous foes and obstacles await Zero on his quest, and he needs your help to AVOID IT!

    “Bounce like your life depends on it.”
    - Matthew Diener, Pocket Gamer -

    Fast paced tap-controlled gameplay!

    “I was on the edge of my seat wondering what
    I would encounter next! My new favorite.”

    - Mac Hart, OnLive -

    Rapidly scaling difficulty!

    “A great balance of music and graphics drew me into a vivid world.”
    - Sangsuk Ha, Magic Cube -

    Stylish audio-visual experience!

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to check out our game! As a young, thriving company, we want to stay close to our community and make your voices heard. Let us know what you think of AVOID IT below so we can keep delivering a dynamic gaming experience!

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