iPad Aurora Feint - How do I loose!!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by grfelix, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. grfelix

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    Jul 27, 2008
    I download aurora feint, I was playing my firts game, then a box appears asking me to buy challenges or to continue mining (or something like that) and I choose continue... so now Im stuck in the game foreveerr!!!... when the cubes reach the top, a box appears saying that it's ok, and because it's my first game, it will eliminate some cubes for me :eek: ... so, I can't leave the game! I can't loose. I don't know how to win, when the first box appear (the one who asked me if I want to buy challenges or continue) was because I filled the bar that appears on the top.

    What do I do to quit this level and advance on another one?:confused:
  2. tkphotograph

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    Jul 31, 2008
    Hey that is a glitch, and it happened to me... If there is not a blinking symbol in the top left corner. Than you are going to have to download the updated version or just reinstall.
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    oh boy.

    so here's what is going on:
    filling up the glowing bar (exp.) has leveled up your character. Because it's your first game you must have leveled up Strategist. It then asks if you want to buy challenge or continue.

    Buying a challenge takes you to the store where you buy scrolls to make weapons, armor, and tools.

    Continue, well that should be obvious.

    The problem you have is because "buying a challenge" is part of the story. You were supposed to go there so it can teach you what to do in order to build scrolls.

    Normally hitting continue isn't a problem as you exp bar is clear and you can fill it up again. BUT in your case it fills up and does nothing, why?, because you have nothing to level up. All the other traits are locked until you finish the training.

    So, Tap the arrow on the top left. At the top of that screen is a large red button that says "stop mining". This will give you credit for the elements you collected and take you to the map.

    go to the store, and follow all the prompts. Go to the smith and follow all the prompts.

    when you are ready to mine again you will level up instantly since it's already filled.

    Hope that helps!

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