Lights out! Can you memorize the board and match elements in the dark? Memorize the board, match hidden elements, produ…
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Lights out! Can you memorize the board and match elements in the dark? Memorize the board, match hidden elements, produce gold, upgrade the machine, and fight the ever so quickly increasing pressure. Play online with up to 3 opponents to determine who has the best visual memory or fastest fingers and collect their gold by defeating them! Take a break from classic matching games and see if you can master this new twist! -- In Aureus the player is tasked with operating the elements of an electrically charged gold producing machine. The machine operates in the dark, with all elements hidden from the player. Matching similar elements creates an electrical current which briefly illuminates part of the board, disintegrates the matched elements, and produces gold. Players must rely on their memory to match hidden elements. Speed is likewise essential to master the Aureus which has a strong tendency to overheat. Skilled players have the option of using gold coins earned over time to upgrade the machine. Upgrades can reduce pressure, slow falling elements, or minimize the impact of failed matches amongst other benefits. Once fully upgraded, Aureus provides its fastest game mode with frantic gameplay. At a basic level, Aureus can be played as a tile matching game with a twist. At the most complex level, Aureus demands a combination of strategy, dexterity and memory. The most efficient way to play is by making a succession of small matches to regroup similar elements, followed by more complex matches to produce large amounts of gold coins. As the pressure increases, the player must master a balance between speed and memorization to optimize the number of coins and the final score. Aureus features 3 game modes: * Endurance: the classic mode, with continuous game play until the machine breaks * Time Trial: the perfect mode for short sessions, with game play limited to 90 seconds * Online: a multiplayer mode in which players can challenge up to 3 opponents -- This free version of Aureus is ad supported. You can remove them with a small in-app purchase, or search for the ad-free version named "Aureus Prime" on the App Store. Have fun!
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Nov 23, 2014
Updated:Nov 03, 2018
Size:97.4 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal