Accessible Audio Game experience full of arcade action and charm at your hands! Embark on an audiotastic journey to defe…
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Accessible Audio Game experience full of arcade action and charm at your hands! Embark on an audiotastic journey to defend the world of Sondveiw. Master the sounds and defeat elemental imbued monster together with your mentor Saundaman. "...there are not good enough words in a sufficient quantity that I could use to describe the amount of praise, excitement and delightment I'm feeling for Audio Wizards." -A Beta Tester Grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the Story Mode to uncover the mysteries behind the Distortions in 20 fully voice acted story levels. Not down for a bed time story? Challenge yourself and your listening skills in the Endless Mode to compete for the highest score and crown of the master wizard! VoiceOver feature is supported. See the notes underneath for more information. FEATURES: ※HIGH QUALITY SOUND Recognize everything that happens around you by the amazing sounds alone! Listen to the sounds the Distortions make and counterattack them with a corresponding element! ※AS ACCESSIBLE AS THEY GET Fully blind & visually impaired accessible with a screen reader support and intuitive navigation. AudioWizards supports screen reader features such as swipe navigation, containers and touch exploring. ※CARTOONY 3D GRAPHICS Includes easily distinguishable cartoony graphics, rarity in audio games. The audio is still the key! ※ACTION PACKED GAMEPLAY Easy to learn, hard to master. AudioWizards is fast-paced, intense and challenging. From the wishes of audio games community, prepare for the challenge! ※BREATHTAKING SOUNDTRACK Music made in co-operation with the blind & visually impaired musicians. We held a competition where blind & visually impaired community could submit their tracks. 8 winners were chosen from all over the world! ※CHARMING STORY MODE Embark on a wacky journey with your tea-graving mentor Saundaman in 20 unique story levels to reveal the mystery behind the invasion. Charming narration with stories about tea with a spice of humour! ※CHALLENGING ENDLESS MODE Care for a challenge? Take your listening skills and reaction time to a test and compete for the highest score against the endless waves of enemies! Collect wizarding hats to expand your chances to survive or raise the stakes for that sweet high score! Check how AudioWizards is played and how it implements accessibility in here: *NOTES* The game follows the settings you have for VoiceOver. To have accessibility features enabled, please enable VoiceOver on your iOS device. Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions: Streamers and Content Creators: Gameplay videos and let’s plays are very much welcome! If you have a channel and do this kind of content feel free to contact us! MyTrueSound is ready to help!
Release:Sep 01, 2019
Updated:Nov 13, 2019
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