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    Aug 12, 2019

    Hey y'all!

    We here at myTrueSound are preparing to launch our newest accessible audio game 1st of September, called AudioWizards!


    What's an audio game? Audio games are games where the focus, you guessed it, is on the audio. The point is that you can play them even without access to any graphics! That's right. It makes them perfect games for people who have limited access to video games due to low vision or visual impairment.

    AudioWizards has been developed with two goals in mind - make a game that is as accessible as possible but still retain the quality of a proper game. Together with your tea graving mentor Saundaman, your mission is to defend the world of Sondveiw from evil Distortions. With the power of elemental magic, uncover the mystery behind the Distortions in the Story Mode or take your listening skills to the MAX in the intensive Endless Mode.​

    • Fully Low Vision Accessible - Screen Reader support with Unity Accessibility Plugin and intuitive navigation
    • Simple Yet Challenging - Simply swipe in one the four directions to choose the spell and swipe again to throw it at the enemy
    • High Quality Spatial Sounds - Everything in the gameplay is recognizable by the sound
    • Clear Cartoony Graphics - Rarity in Audio Games. Memorable visuals in an unique art style
    • Soundtrack by the Community - Featuring beautiful music from blind and visually impaired musicians from all over the world
    • Two Game Modes for Your Taste - Embark on a wacky journey together with your mentor Saundaman in Story Mode or aim for the world record high score in Endless Mode
    • Premium Game - No in-app purchases.

    Developing an audio game has been a fun experience and definitely has brought its own challenges. We're planning on updating the game post launch with new content and supported languages (Spanish is the first one on the list). Our dream is to bring an accessible multiplayer game but only time will tell!


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