Universal Atomas - Logic Puzzle about fusioning Atoms

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    Dec 20, 2011
    I'm currently polishing my newest puzzle game.

    How it works:
    You start with 6 Atoms which range from Hydrogen to Lithium.
    In the middle of the field a new atom appears which you have to position in the circle. You lose when your circle is full.
    From time to time a plus atom spawns, if you shoot this plus between two identical atoms they fusion into a higher atom.
    But this isn't enough. You need to build up symmetry in your circle which will lead to big chain reactions, since a fusion only stops if the left and right atoms are not of the same type.
    Sometimes a minus atom appears, you can use it to absorb and replace an atom or to sacrifice it for a plus.

    So it's not to hard to learn and play the game, but you will need a good strategy if you want to get to the high elements like silver and gold because after a while your circle will be full of different, chaotic sorted atoms.

    To adjust the game to your strategy there are lucky charms which differently effect the game.

    I'm not a good explainer, take a look at this litte GIF preview:

    It will be available for iPhone and iPad in about 2 weeks for FREE.
    If you liked Threes this is definitely something for you.

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    Have a nice Day,

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    Feb 12, 2015
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    Hmm, I do happen to like Threes.

    Looking good man, presentation is slick and the mechanics seem tight. I'll give this a gander once you release it. Cheers.

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