Universal Atom Collider - Beta Testers Wanted!

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    Atom Collider
    Atom Collider* is a beautiful and addictive game for mobiles and tablets.

    The main goal is simple. You have to clear the screen of all the atoms by hitting them with the ball whilst bouncing it off the paddles and walls. The game features mechanics closely resembling that of old school games like Arkanoid and Breakout.

    Enjoy the coolest block busting game by controlling paddles to work your way through wave after wave of obstacles and buddies. Each wave comes with a time limit, completing waves unlocks new puzzles, power-ups, and achievements.

    NO ads and NO in-app purchases
    Atom Collider will be a premium title, so just buy once and enjoy. Regular updates, including new levels and power-ups will be available for free.

    Beta testers needed
    We are looking for beta testers and we would like to know if the game is interesting for new players. Since this is a closed beta, we can't really show off the visuals or gameplay yet, but if you’re interested, sign up here: www.goo.gl/RCq52u

    You can check our website for our previous games and can also connect with us on Facebook and check news and updates. We’ll also be available here at TouchArcade to answer questions about the game!


    Ink Vial Games: www.inkvialgames.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/InkVialGames

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