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ATMOSFLARES – A SOLAR SYSTEM CHALLENGE LIKE NO OTHER Atmosflares is a fast-paced space puzzle, navigating players throu…
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ATMOSFLARES – A SOLAR SYSTEM CHALLENGE LIKE NO OTHER Atmosflares is a fast-paced space puzzle, navigating players through unchartered areas of the Solar System. The epic game leads players on a journey of discovering new planets, collecting vital powers and defeating challenging atmospheres all while blasting unpredictable flares and fireworks thrown into the players path. Each unique game tests players as they unlock new planets and conquer the solar system by exploding hurtling flares and fireworks catapulting towards the screen at the speed of light! Players are challenged to crack unique flare combinations and earn points to convert to stars that will unlock each new planet for you to discover. Join the challenge today and conquer the Solar System – download Atmosflares today! ► FEATURES: • Stunning graphics (optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 +) • Career game mode (60+ levels in 10+ different worlds) • Survival game mode (Infinite) • Realistic scenarios and game engine • Strategic powers • Game center friendly • Exclusive soundtrack and effects ► HOW TO PLAY: • Swipe through flares of the same color and select required flare. • To explode the selected flares, press the explode button on the right side of 
the screen or to cancel your selection select a different color. • If you select a different color than the one you currently have selected, the 
chain will be broken and the last flare will remain selected. If you have a multi- color flare selected, it will allow you to connect different flare colors. • To use a power on your pocket, simply tap on it to activate. All powers collected during the game go automatically to your backpack. To use them in a level, drag the required powers to your pocket in the power selection screen before each level. • Some powers you might have can override their effects, so make sure to select powers that will help you to counter-attack. Learn about each power and their counterparts in the info area of the power selection screen. • The more combos you make, the higher your score. Players scores are converted into stars, which are used to unlock worlds. All of these actions might earn you achievements, but some are hard to achieve! 
We’ve made a series of enhancements for players of Atmosflares. Latest enhancements include: • Challenges – compete against all your friend for the highest score • Game Center – enjoy new achievements plus in-game friends high score • Social Plugins - share your score and achievements on Facebook, Twitter and more • Local feeds - share your activity when convenient with your friends • New store packs – check out our new store power packs plus new galaxy pack allowing you to instantly unlock all game content • More in-app purchases (optional) - should you wish to advance faster ► ACHIEVEMENTS: • We know how difficult it is to navigate through the Solar System, to award players’ achievements Atmosflares is filled with achievements for you to collect in and out of Game Center. • Learn about the Solar System by unlocking achievements and reading their description. Track your progress through each planet in your Atmosflares profile and compare it to your friends. * Please note, in-app purchases are optional and are available to players who wish to unlock things faster – we want you to enjoy Atmosflares and aim for a smooth and interruption free user experience. 
Atmosflares is recommended for players aged 4 and up and can be played on your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone with full retina graphics and high-quality soundtrack. Headphones are recommended for ultimate user experience. 
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