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BUY VIRTUAL LAND, EARN REAL RENT! ATLAS: Earth is a location-based app where users can buy virtual land that mirrors re…
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BUY VIRTUAL LAND, EARN REAL RENT! ATLAS: Earth is a location-based app where users can buy virtual land that mirrors real-world locations, 900 square feet at a time. Purchase land anywhere near your physical location in the real world and it’s yours to keep! Each parcel of land you own earns you rent per second, every second of the day, every day of the year. Parcels start at just , and your first parcel is free. LEADERBOARDS & LEADER ROLES Climb the leaderboards and become Mayor, Governor, or even President! Own the most land in your city and let everyone in town see that you’re the Mayor! Become Governor when you own the most land in a given US state and broadcast your profile picture and username to everyone who opens the game in your state. Or even become President of your country when you own the most land in a country and show off to every single player nationwide! EARN RENT & CASH OUT Earn rent per second in real USD and cash out straight to your PayPal when your total earnings reach or more.* Players can also transfer accrued rent into more virtual land to keep expanding territory and earning rent! BOOST RENT HOURLY Boost rental income for an hour when you watch an ad. Hourly rent boosts reach up to 30x base rent rates and are free with each ad you watch. COLLECT MERCHANT REWARDS Earn free Atlas Bucks when you shop with our retail partners in the real world. Connect a VISA credit card through our VISA-linked portal and earn in-game rewards every time you swipe at our growing list of brick-and-mortar stores, including local restaurants and chains. VISIT LANDMARKS See landmarks in beautifully-rendered 3D graphics when you visit them in the real world and take the chance to own a virtual copy of your favorite landmark! Bid on available landmarks and stake your claim proudly on the landmark list for the world to see. And much more to come! NOTES: Atlas Earth offers in-game purchases. Is it most ideally played on smartphones, not tablets. In order to play, you must agree to our Terms of Service, which can be found here: *Paying Rent is our way of saying thank you. It is our form of loyalty / cash-back for enjoying our game. Although we avoid such scenarios, Rent is not guaranteed and may change or pause. Contact support at [email protected] Atlas Empires has the following requirements to enjoy on iOS Devices: iPhone 7 or higher iOS 13.0 or higher Strong internet connection and GPS services enabled
Seller:Atlas Reality, Inc.
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Nov 15, 2021
Updated:Dec 23, 2021
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