Athenion: Tactical CCG

ZERO-bit Company Limited
Be the first to experience a unique hybrid card and board game! Tactics, strategy, and powerful card combinations will d…
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Be the first to experience a unique hybrid card and board game! Tactics, strategy, and powerful card combinations will decide your battle outcome. Collect more than 300 cards to create powerful combinations in your own deck. Bring your deck and use solid tactics to conquer the board. Choose to play from six different factions with its own card mechanic and play style. Battle against strong opponents worldwide to prove your best tactic. Use your creative strategy on the board, and turn the tides of battle! Do you have what it takes to conquer the board in Athenion? ***FEATURES*** * UNIQUE TACTICAL CARD GAMEPLAY A hybrid card and board game arrive! Experience the unique CCG to build your mighty deck and conquer the board! Collect hundreds of cards, harness their abilities, and unleash powerful combos to defeat opponents. Read your enemy, and use your strategy to impact the gameplay. Your victory can be decided by how well you can play with your tactic! * WIN STRATEGIC BATTLES Strategy and tactics are the keys to victory. Athenion is a game where you can win using strategy! Choose a strategic card placement to control the board. Master your combination, and make it your strategic advantage. Forge your own tactics that can turn the tide of your battles. Play aggressive, defensive, or control, the choice is yours. Create versatile deck combinations and test them against strong opponents without fail. Learn how to assemble solid decks optimize and your playstyle using each faction's signature ability. Use artful strategy and wit to outsmart your opponents in every match. Remember, each card placement matters in Athenion. * COLLECT MORE THAN 300 CARDS WITH UNIQUE ABILITIES Unleash your potential on the board and become a master card collector and use new cards to build the ultimate card deck combinations. Play the game to collect cards with multiple abilities. Discover many possible combinations from your collection. Transform your basic deck into a winning deck. The more you play, the more Coins and Diamonds you get, which enables you to open new card packs with hard-hitting cards from our Booster Packs. Assemble your deck with new skills! Keep playing the game and collect more cards to design the ultimate playing deck in Athenion. * BUILD YOUR DREAM DECK Build your unique dream deck and unleash powerful combos in the game! Explore countless deck building combinations and forge your arsenal of winning decks. Experiment with cards in Athenion - you might discover a brand new deck combination you’ve never tested before. Use your imagination to create the most unique deck. * PLAY COMPETITIVELY AGAINST PLAYERS WORLDWIDE Employ cunning strategy and dynamic card combinations against strong players worldwide. Compete against veterans, adopt their card strategies, and prove yourself to become number one in Athenion. Challenge your friends to a friendly tactical battle. Play, conquer, and win. * VISUALLY STUNNING ARTWORK Enjoy hundreds of stunning artworks by our artists throughout the game. Assemble appealing decks with favorable abilities and unleash your potential on the board. Be the first to own unique hero skins, card sleeves, avatars, and titles. * COMPLETE CHALLENGES AND WIN PRIZES Complete daily challenges, seasonal rewards, and win prizes. Collect and show off your favorite characters, card sleeves, avatars, and titles! FOLLOW US! ※ Facebook: Thailand: Global: ※ Instagram: ※ Twitter: ※ Youtube: ***SUPPORT*** Found something wrong with the app? Need to have a question answered? Contact us here: ▶ Customer Service Center: [email protected]
Seller:ZERO-bit Company Limited
Genre:Card, Strategy
Release:Mar 18, 2020
Updated:Nov 26, 2020
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