Astral:Origin is FREE forever!

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    Dear guys,

    We're so glad that the new version 1.0.2 of Astral: Origin is now available to download, the new version is FREE.

    Here is the download linkļ¼š
    Here is the main thread in TA:

    In this version, there are smoother input, more accurate collision-detection and no more crash. So the game experiences will be much better than the previous one. By the way, now we are working on v1.0.3, which will take care of the energy system, iPad support and many other problems.

    In short, if you're still interested, you can have a try on this new version and send us your more feedbacks about this game. We really enjoy discussing with you on TA and every comment on this thread means a lot for us. We hope we can work together to make Astral better, and we hope more and more players will like Astral.

    Thanks so much!

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