Asteroids: Mining Saga (by Games With Soul)

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    Hello and welcome to Asteroids Mining Saga!
    New challenging match three game. Download it for FREE now!

    Collect rare minerals from the drifting in space Asteroids before you run out of moves!

    Link 3 or more minerals of the same colour to mine them. Use drills and bombs on your way and if lucky youll get to use the Universal Drill! It's awesome :)

    Asteroids Mining Saga is completely free to play game but includes in-app purchases which will require payment with real money.

    You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your devices settings.

    Asteroids Mining Saga features:
    Easy and fun to play, but rather challenging to master
    Unique pixelated graphics for easy shape and colour recognition
    60 very challenging levels with 4 game modes:
    *Score Run: Get as many points as you can!*Clear up Blocks: Match minerals to clear up underlying blocks. *Gather Minerals: Collect specific minerals!*Collect Artefacts: Make rare space artefacts drop off the grid to collect them!

    THANK YOU for playing! Let me know your comments and suggestions.
    Please support indie game developer and rate Asteroids Mining Saga!
    Also feel free to check my other game - Awe Fishing: Off the Hook!
    Thank you

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