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    Hi folks, we just released our newest Game on Android/iOS (or both). We hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is most welcome.

    If you love retro arcade games then this is for you!

    "aStack The Retro Tower Builder" is an old school 90's Arcade Block Stacker Tower Builer Machine Game. It's a "puzzle" type app where you need to build towers without letting any pixel block fall from it. It's going to start of pretty easy but the spead increases insanly with every placed pixel block until you fail or give up! Past 40 Lines it will get pretty difficult for you to sustaine at all!

    You won’t stop playing this addictive puzzle with virtual block action.

    aStack The Arcade Retro Tower Builder was design for the people who love arcade and hipster style, with all the pixel art, music and retro effects you will feel in the 90,s again. But its not only for the retro game lovers, this Stacker Puzzle game is for everyone who misses the good old game hall games or for everyone who wants to experience the good old game hall feelings! You never stop playing!

    Cool Features:

    • Super Retro Pixel ART
    • Learboards and Scoring
    • Incredible Retro Music Game (Dubstep Style)

    Build Your Perfectly Aligned Pixel Tower Now!!

    Youtube Video of the game:

    App Store Link to the game:


    We hope you enjoy playing it.


    Visit our website, facebook and twitter to read more news from our games:


    Here are some screenshots of the game:

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