Asphalt 7 - Heat (gameloft)

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by Der-Kleine, May 4, 2012.

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    Was that a Low Battery notice 30 seconds in? I guess you have to carry a portable charger around to play this on the go?
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    I agree NFS looks a hell of a lot better than asphalt 7, however Asphalt 7 has online multiplayer! Where as NFS is single campaign. C'mon that's gotta count for something...right? Oh and touch controls... You can bet NFS will be tilt only *thumbs down*
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    I can't agree one moment with all the talk of how NFS looks better. So far, all we've seen is the one track designed exclusively for E3, whereas Asphalt is a proven commodity.

    On 4S, at least, Asphalt 6 is AMAZING to look at. Weather effects, dust, sparks, kites, planes, balloons, etc. And it runs at a fast clip (mostly). It really is an amazing looking racing game.
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    Asphalt 7: Weak - By Gamelost

    Asphalt 7: Weak
    By Gamelost

    Hi! Everybody!
    The problem of games like Asphalt 6 or 7 is about the bad physic!

    Drive those cars is like pilot the ships at Xtreme Formula.
    0 Control!

    Asphalt 5 is much better, because the cars are bigger and physic is OK!

    NFS Most Wanted has the same Asphalt 5 visual!
    I want that for yesterday! :)
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    Still no release dates for either of these two games?
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    I have all NFS racers for iOS and Asphalt was/is better in ANY aspect. The ONLY thing I'm loving in NFS is the legendary Citroën DS you can choose (don't remember in which game of the series) because I own the predecessor Citroën CX (built 1984). Although they didn't get the interiours right in the game…ën_DSën_CX

    The NFS video looks mediocre if you ask me. And the HDMI/AirPlay Out is known with Asphalt (and RR) since many, many months. It works fine but I don't get it why there is such a fuss about.

    May I ask all of you: Why should I watch TV during a racing game?! Because we've got used to it with those old-fashioned consoles? Is this the only reason? Get cleared of such bad habits! Holding a retina iPad in front of you (something like a sophisticated steering wheel combined with a windshield) is much more realistic, direct and much more exciting. Better racing feeling than with those distant TV sets. You have a bigger and more detailed view with the retina display right in front of you. One of the big strengths of mobile gaming introduced with iOS.

    Such racers provide for me personally that mobile gaming is better than console gaming.

    Copying this old arcade technique (with a distant monitor) is like if you want to make use of a Windows File Manager on iPad. Forget that. I don't know why all iOS game devs want to have it. Not suitable and not optimum especially for racer games imho (maybe only good for folks who are watching others playing). Get used to have full control AND VIEW of a race in your hands in front of your nose like in real life.

    The REAL console AND SOCIAL experience is iOS local multiplayer (try that with the Android crap…) with a buddy besides you in the same race btw. Watch him/her flying above you! Unbelieveable every time! And we are playing it since months almost every day. Try that with classic consoles… Split view on a monitor?! Meh. Looks like a video game museum.
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    Personally I dont see the problem with airplay mirroring, if the options there, fine...if not, I wont lose sleep.

    However, I do have an issue with competitive games that don't support online multiplayer. I've said it before that I'm not fortunate enough to have friends or loved ones that like gaming as much as i do:( therefore I don't have the opportunities to take advantage of local/bluetooth multiplayer. So I welcome online gaming every time to play against joe bloggs in the Bahamas or wherever.:D

    On topic:

    My impressions on the NFS video demo is that, it may be a custom level designed exclusively for E3, however I think it speaks volumes that a video demo (not beautifully rendered screen captures) can convince people already in these early stages that the game seems to be coming along nicely... there were enough details in the demo to prove that they aren't pissing about with the visual effects e.g having your wing mirror smashed or bumper falling off, putting little touches like that into Asphalt 7 could give it that extra oomph! How NFS plays in real terms is a different story. At the moment the screen grabs suggest we're getting essentially Asphalt 6 with new added cars and a couple of new locations. Again, i hope there are some surprises.
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    Same here. Except wasted energy maybe. Gameloft should create something like a local multiplayer career instead. But since AirPlay mirroring (or console controls with video/sound out) exists, it doesn't disturb.

    So get REALLY SOCIAL soon please. Where are you living? In a desert? You don't need to love your combatants but they should be competitive and there will be FUN without end. Promised!!! Don't miss that opportunity. It's exclusive!

    BTW local bluetooth multiplayer works even in an area without WiFi p. e. in a housboat on a large lake. And it has an even BETTER frames per seconds rate than WiFi multiplayer (both Asphalt 6 and RR2). Highly recommended!
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    I cant wait for this game and all the other games that are coming out this week, but what I think would be really cool, if they made a NASCAR 2013 game for the app store. Yes, EA did have license to make NASCAR, but got sold to a crappier company. Wish GAMELOFT could somehow get there hands on it and make it for the iOS devices, or firemint(owned by EA) so, they can make everything look realistic for the idevices.

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    Hi there people! : )

    First post here, will try to play nice ; )

    As for the pics, seriously it took so long for you guys to check it out?

    And the 6th track is of course Paris. One can download 3M wallpapers if one messes just a tiny bit with the address bar ; )

    As a side note, there also should be (at least) Moscow, since it's shown in the trailer (not only that track, but the one I'm pretty sure of), but since it's supposedly not included in the contest, there is easy way of getting wallpaper for that.

    Anyone guessing from the release dates of picture for the ACTUAL game release date?

    Also, did anyone here had a hands-on contact with the game?
    I'm actively interested in talking to such person...
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    Actually, you're totally wrong with the 'Android crap' section and probably not aware of possibilities of just S2, not mentioning S3 ;)

    Unless you mean the BT mode. Which is quite OK, but still you can play up to 6 players local using WiFi. In A7, supposedly WiFi Direct too. And BT also, but not sure if only on iOS.

    Also, dunno if you were aware of this, one can play mixed online/local games. That is, iOS combined with Android, probably other OS combinations too. Played a few S2s with iP4 and it worked fine. Other combinations worked as well (eg with Note). Not many games have that possibility.

    Also, if you think online is worse than local, then you haven't met any serious, dedicated players. Well, it's a choice too ; )

    But GameLoft is VERY BAD in optimizing their games. That is simply the truth.
    Speaking straight: framerate. Graphical fireworks over fluid play. Not fixing obvious bugs - and even more obvious ones. But everybody knows THAT, don't they? ; )

    Still, iP4S should run the game better than S2, right? Wrong. Given the right ROM (we experimented on that quite a bit (we're talking about official Samsung ROMs!), but ICS seemed to fix some problems attached with ROM changing as it's simply better) S2 has much better steering and similiar framerate.

    BTW, do yourself a favor and DO NOT update (unless you have already done so - on Android you can revert or install old .apk - not so on iOS crap... ; ) - BTW, also do not update to the latest (1.3.3) Android version, 1.0.8 is so much better) to the latest version of A6 on iOS.
    The multiplayer is SO. SERIOUSLY. F*CKED. UP. - that I can't even start to describe it. But then again, it's the same company that introduced pathetic freemium model on such a scale. Right. So what is f*'d up with the multi now?

    It works like single player. Same wall crashing, same nitro eliminations... If you don't see anything wrong with it - just check it out yourself. You'll see. I recommend Shanghai for starters ;)
    Really, does someone in GameLoft has a job position that randomly puts him/her/it in a commanding position to introduce something REALLY IDIOTIC?
    First freemium, then this pathetic multiplayer, what's next... OH WAIT.

    I already know. After reading one of the E3 hands-on reviews, or so they say.
    Literally: there is no brake. Not it was overused, but it was still (very) useful (not for the original intention, tho ; ). And now... there is only a drift option, or such. One cannot brake, one can only "drift" through the curves (or take them with drifting if that's possible). Reminds me of that kind of pathetic concept in A4. So we DID see that before...
    Still, if the game is castrated of a BRAKE, someone responsible for this at GameLoft should probably be castrated. Or lobotomized. Or decapitated - let's go the whole way, why bother with half-measures.
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    Nov 18, 2011
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    This is good news. VERY good news :) I can't mention why, but it is :)
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    Oct 17, 2011
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    I'm not sure that means its freemium.
    If you look at Asphalt 6, it has all the same options to buy upgrades through cash earned in game.
    Plus Asphalt 6 has the option to buy stars to upgrade your cars but at the same time, stars were earned by winning and achieving targets for each race.
    I've upgraded everything throughout the game on all cars and I still have nearly 4 million in game currency.
    According to reports the iap is there for those that want to progress quicker and buy cars quicker but is not necessary to progress.
    Basically it appears to have the same system as the previous version so no problem there.

    But then again won't really know until Thursday. That "no thanks" button on the first screenshot concerns me.

    Edit. Did a bit more research and most reports claim it will not be freemium and that one of the ipa options will be to rent one of the top level cars for a day, but that it doesn't permanently unlock said car. Permanent unlocking occurs only through progress through the game.
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    I am afraid that i have to agree with you... These screens smells to much iap and is really similar to their freemium model. Buy money, buy stars bye bye miss american pie... Anyway the day has come so we gonna see what is true very very soon!
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    I think the word you're looking for is Paymium. Like MC3. Those are the only paid games Gameloft is now releasing.
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    It will really suck if this is paymium or freemium. I'm so tired of IAPs unless it's just a full-game unlock. Just want to pay once and play the damn game.

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