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  1. Hi guys and gals. For those who are interested, here is the link to an article from Trusted Reviews, a UK technology website. It's about how the iPhone game apps compare to the rest of the market, and makes for quite an interesting read, although there's not much there we didn't know already.
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    Everything they write, especially on the graphical style of most games or the missing content, is right. But they compary games of a new console with games of two mature consoles, which just does not work. They mention framerate issues with Nitro Kart 3D and the ZEN pinballs and they are absolutely correct - on other consoles these games wouldn't be released in this unplayable state - but we should take a look back to this article in a year and then compare the consoles and games. iPhone gaming still has a long long way to go, graphically, in terms of game content and length and in term of game prices. Time will tell, if this will work.
  3. You are right Oliver. As you say, some of the comparisons are a little harsh. I mean Nitro was one of the first games for the iPhone, and we are all aware of it's framerate issues and know it can do a lot better (regardless of how Ashpalt plays, it certainly throws out enough of a polygon count and a smooth framerate for us to know Nitro could be better). They also compare Kroll to PSP's God of War, which is unfair as a lot of us were disappointed in how basic Kroll was, and again, we know we can do a lot better even with the iPhone's limited control methods. Still an interesting read though I think.
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    i like this article. Now, I know why i keep sifting through itunes, buying and downloading games and apps. He he. Maybe, we're all addicted! :eek:

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