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    Mobile and video games development
    Art production
    Marketing and growth
    Product management

    Founded in 2010 and released more than 200 game projects since start.

    Game mechanics

    We are experienced in developing the most popular mobile game mechanics:
    Casual games
    Puzzle games
    Educational games for kids
    Slots, bingo and card games

    Team expertise
    Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
    3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush
    Unity 4,5
    C#, Objective C
    Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive
    Apple TV
    Google Analytics, Flurry
    Chartboost, Admob, UnityAds, Vungle
    Jira, Git

    About us

    Fgfactory has been on the market since 2010, starting its career from Objective-C, C# and mobile design. Now we are a software development agency that specializes in custom game development for Mobile, Apple TV, Mac, Windows and VR.

    Since the foundation we have released more than 200 projects in areas of 2D, 3D, vector graphics, animation, GUI and cross-platform game development. Fgfactory features a team of experienced artists, creative designers and developers.

    We provide the full cycle of game development services:

    The idea / GDD development / UX development
    Graphics assets and UI design
    Unity development
    Support during the project release
    Product support after release

    web: http://fgfactory.com
    email: info@fgfactory.com
    facebook: http://facebook.com/fgfactory
    behance: http://behance.net/fgfactory
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    We available for new projects
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    We available for new projects.
    10$ - per hour.
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    We available for new projects.
    10$ - per hour.

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