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    The latest iEvilGames app is here.


    +The most fun and randomly interactive art app on the app store!

    + Give your iPhone a shake and it will randomly choose an art piece for you to view, tap the work for more info on the artist, and repeat, simple! Art Shake is about giving people access to great art, destroying the notion that art is an elitist medium for a small number of people.

    + We love the idea of people engaging with the arts through things they use day to day like their mobile phone, making art something that can inspire on a day to day basis.

    + Art Shake takes the viewer out of their comfort zone and exposes them to art forms and artists they may never have discovered!


    + randomised selection

    + entire gallery of classic art work

    + every artwork comes with name and date of painting and name and date of birth / death of the artist with
    200 pages of images & info which we aim to Constantly expand!

    --------------------> Coming Soon<--------------------

    10 % EXTRA FREE coming soon!
    + Constantly updating, adding new works of art

    Note: Some masterpieces depict NUDE people – both women and men.

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    Oct 29, 2010
    I've just downloaded art shake! Its a great iphone app, and really useful for me. I find its great for educating me as well as inspiring me on a daily basis ;) Really opened my mind to art I would never have otherwise looked at. What does everyone else think??
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    Thanks! We've had great feedback so far!
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    Where did you source the images from?

    Are you worried about copyright infringement or any such issues?

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    It won't infringe on copyright as long as the work is in the public domain.

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