Art of Deflection

"This is a hardcore game for sure, and I have to say that Art of Deflection really has me beat. There are a total o…
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"This is a hardcore game for sure, and I have to say that Art of Deflection really has me beat. There are a total of 15 levels in the game which sounds kind of thin but believe me they are hard to complete. I am stuck on level six after several sincere attempts. Art of Deflection kicks my ass, spits in my eye, calls me a loser, and then invites me to try again. Time after time I take the abuse, just like a rodeo cowboy gets back in the saddle."
- iPhone Games Network review

In The Art of Deflection, use your finger with speed and accuracy to guide a glowing ball to the goal in deadly obstacle courses! Create green lines with your finger and the ball will bounce off of them, but watch out for red lines that might move and rotate which will bring you back to the start! Complete a level quickly to get the best score, but collect gems throughout the level to get bonus points. Collecting more without crashing gives you a score multiplier!


- Avoid red lines while creating green lines to get the ball to the yellow goal.
- Create lines by swiping a finger across the screen and then releasing.
- Pass blue checkpoint lines to restart from that point after crashing.
- There are a limited number of tries per level - crash too many times and it's game over!
- Watch for green and red portals which could either get you around the level or take you back to the start!
- Collect gems for bonus points which are added at the completion of each level.
- Keep track of the top three local scores in each level.

Changes in version 1.5.0:

- Full Game Center support - OpenFeint functionality has been removed and has been completely replaced with Game Center. Game Center support can be disabled (and later re-enabled) if desired in the game options.
- Supports both landscape (home button right) and landscape (home button left) device orientations.

Changes in version 1.4.2:

- Game Center support - this update will sync your OpenFeint scores and achievements to Game Center in preparation for the December 14, 2012 shutdown of the OpenFeint service. Make sure you login to Game Center to move your data over! A future update will remove OpenFeint completely.

NOTE: Both OpenFeint AND Game Center must be enabled and logged in for Game Center scores and achievements to be submitted.

- Multitasking-friendly

Changes in version 1.4.1:

- OpenFeint dashboard upgraded to 2.12.8 (non-UDID based)

Changes in version 1.4.0:

- Five new multi-screen levels
- Retina Display support
- OpenFeint dashboard upgraded to version 2.12.5

Changes in version 1.2.1:

- Allow automatic submitting of scores to OpenFeint; this feature can be turned off in the game options
- OpenFeint dashboard upgraded to version 2.1

Changes in version 1.2.0:

- Compare high scores and achievements with friends and the world online using OpenFeint

Changes in version 1.1.0:

- Allow iPod music during gameplay: set Volume in Options to "OFF" (0%)
- Performance improvements

Changes in version 1.0.1:

- Reduced the difficulty of level six (6)


- Programming, Graphics, Level Design - Mark Grocki
- Level Design, QA, Inspiration and Encouragement - Iwona Olszewska-Grocki (Mark's wife and soulmate)
- Sounds -

The latest release (1.5.0) has 20 levels to play through. The new multi-screen levels in 1.4.0+ can be played separately from the original set of 15 - you don't have to complete the first 15 to play them!
Genre:Action, Puzzle
Release:Jun 18, 2009
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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