Arel wars 2 [gamevil]

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    Coming soon to App Store!

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    AREL WARS II Free Jewel Event

    Did someone say FREE JEWLS?!? No? oh okay.

    GAMEVIL is giving away 100 Jewels for Arel Wars2.
    Please read carefully and follow:

    - LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT on this poster with your CAPITALIZED CS code to get 210 FREE Stars!

    Your CS code is on the ABOUT section on the Main Menu.
    iOS users, don't forget to CAPITALIZE your CS code.

    The event ends on 12/12, Wednesday PST. The jewels will be given then.

    To retrieve Jewels, head to the PVP area (Babel Tower) on the world map, then to Post Office.

    Download Arel Wars 2 for Free Here:


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