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    Hi Basketball fans,

    Im a young developer and basketball fan. I'm glad to present you my second game :

    Title : New Basketball Coach 2
    Plateform : Android
    Released : September 2015

    A new basketball season begins !
    On the store, the most realistic Basketball Mobile Game Handheld!

    Try it and share your experience here !

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    Try the Demo now !

    - Live the obsession of all Head Coaches : Player Injuries, unavailability...
    - Build the best Starting Lineup and the most effective.
    - Learn from your players: Name, Skills, Weakness and more.
    - Follow the player Statistics, and the Box Score during the games.
    - Assign one Position to each player before the matches.
    - Give your Instructions on the court, and manage Stamina.
    - Follow the game and watch your system running in live.
    - Choose the Player who will take the Shot.
    - Enjoy a New Realistic Transfer System.
    - Choose a Specific Daily Workout before each game.
    - Share your opinion with Managers about transfers.
    - Create your own City and choose his colors.
    - Sign with Teams who desire your services.
    - Tactical decisions, Challenges and more Complexity !
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    First Touch, The New Basketball Coach 2

    At the beginning,
    Your General Manager, your Agent or your Assistant Coach give you some advices...
    Like this one ;) !

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    Walkthrough #1

    ...NEW GAME...
    Write your name... The future Coach of the Year is...

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  5. Walkthrough #1

    Here, you can create a City or choose one,
    I decide to lead as Assistant Coach ... Los Angeles !

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    Walkthrough #1 - Tutorial

    But firstly... Go Home and we need to practice (!??) our fundamentals !
    Let's check the Tutorial !

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  7. Walkthrough #1 - Tutorial

    Learn about :
    - Build your first Starting Lineup (I will give you some advices on it very soon)
    - Take a Timeout during a game,
    - Call a Play,
    - Substitute players,
    - Move your defensive line,
    - Call a foul (end of the game)

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    Walkthrough #2 - Menu

    After the Tutorial, I play a New Game, as Doc Rivers !
    At HOME, we have 6 Menus, yes 6.
    If you click on the Standings (on the left) : See the full Standings Statistics.
    If you click on the Tickets (on the Left/Bottom) : See the Objectives of the next Game.
    About the others 4 squares,
    - Team directory, Team & Stats, Office and Fixtures.
    The First thing to do is to... BUILD YOUR STARTING LINEUP !
    - Go to Team & Stats, and EDIT ROSTER !

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  9. 0ld Gamer

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    It looks interesting...
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    Walkthrough #2 - Menu

    Yes it's interesting !

    After Editing, let's check the FULL STANDINGS and the OFFICE square :
    All about the Coach : Games Played, winning % in career, Championships... the famous COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD !
    In the game; "New Basketball Coach 2" (NBC2), we can unlock (18) ACHIEVEMENTS.
    Compare your score with Leaderboard !

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    Walkthrough #3 - Team Directory

    Like every Coach in his new Team... I wish make some changes in my Roster...
    I mean, B.RICE and P.PRICE have almost the same skills :
    - Good Rebounders, weak Offensively/Defensively.. and almost the same STAmina
    I want VERSATILITY in my squad... I want to exchange a player.

    We have to speak with Team Directory about it.
    Go to the Team Directory area...
    But your Managers (Team Directory) are not agree with the current circumstances : your tactical iq is weak to speak about your (dark) project ( LOL).

    Go to Team & Stats Menu
    How increase our Tactical iq ?
    -win important matches or spend your Arguments (point/score in the game) - Check HELP for more infos.

    Let's go to the Coaching Seminar !

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  12. Walkthrough #2 - We have to speak boss...

    After my coaching seminars...

    Tactical IQ increases, and my Managers can speak about my project to exchange player.
    Click on EXCHANGE PLAYER in the Team Directory (Menu).

    But as in real life, Coach hasn't the last WORD !

    They are disagree to release Price... and Rice !

    But They are agree about WILKINS, damn...

    I can Drop it or Be Agree !

    - Realistic Transfer System -

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    Walkthrough #2 - Workout

    Check the "Team & Stats" button...
    You can choose a specific daily workout before each game,
    Tactical, Tactical/physical (mix) or Physical...

    For example : Select Physical Workout, if your Stamina (Team) is poor...

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    Walkthrough #3 - Media

    As in real life, Head coach has to speak sometimes. For example : during a press conference.
    Sometimes you will able to give few words about the last transfers, speak about the next game, analyze stats, give your opinion on the match during the halftime !

    At HOME, you can read the last news by clicking on the 'WHAT'S UP !' button !

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  15. Team and Stats : Check the weakest link

    After 2 games, you wil able to check correctly Player Stats, click on the BOX SCORE button and choose a player.
    You can see his: Minutes per game, Rebounds per game, FG Percentage and Points per game...

    Each arrow represents the last performance after the last game !

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  16. The Most Valuable Player

    At the end of each game and if you win the battle, watch the best performance in the BOX SCORE menu:
    - Check the stats of the MVP of the night!

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  19. Achievements !

    Do not forget the Achievements !
    -An United Team without Ego
    -Being Starters we deserve it !
    -Attract the Ball like a magnet !
    -The Fanswerin 3pts Shootout
    -These were not easy shots!
    -What does not kill me...
    -Unstoppable on offense!
    -Coach of the year for a 3rd time !
    -At the Buzzer!
    -Invincible and ruthless!
    -De-fense De-fense

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  20. Walkthrough #5 : End of Season

    At the end of each season, if you lost Playoffs / Finals...
    You could have few propositions from others Teams.
    (Tactical Iq gauge is very important here: a full gauge attracts more teams!)

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