Android Archmage - card trading game from old Might & Magic

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    Oct 10, 2019
    Hello dear Android users!

    Let me introduce port of card trading game from old good game known Acromage from M&M universe.


    Game rules:
    You start with 6 cards and small amount of resources. You can move card up (for play it) or down (for discard). Unless card has text "play again" each move ends your turn. At start of each turn you got more resources (white text). Goal is to destroy enemy tower or build your tower to 100.

    Key points:
    1 Multiplayer! Yes you can play with your friends or other players around the world!
    2 More than 200 different cards!
    3 Lost of offline bots - so you can enjoy the game even when you offline.
    4 Fully free!

    Screenshot_2018-06-04-22-32-15-604_ru.freecode.archmage.lite.jpg Screenshot_2018-07-02-21-48-29-041_ru.freecode.lite - Copy.png Screenshot_2018-06-04-22-34-46-555_ru.freecode.archmage.lite.jpg Screenshot_2018-06-04-22-34-18-079_ru.freecode.archmage.lite.jpg

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