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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by kiancheong, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. kiancheong

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    My latest app just got approved on Halloween's Day! Yes, the folks do work on a (holiday) weekend!

    Here's a little intro on the app. Hardcore gamers like you and me would definitely appreciate this app!

    "iOS4 gave us mutitasking - great. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what’s running in the background versus what’s the app you last used. This app solves that problem and more!"

    App Name: AppSwitch
    Price: $0.99 (SPECiAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE, 60% OFF)
    iTunes Link:
    Web Site:

    AppSwitch is the first iOS app of its kind that detects and displays all background processes, complete with actual names and icons. No more guessing around which app is running and which app is not.

    AppSwitch's Switch to App technology harnesses one of iOS's most powerful features to let you quickly switch to another app, while Shortcuts lets you quickly switch to a feature within another app (e.g. switch directly to Twitter's compose message screen).

    AppSwitch also features the usual arsenal of common utilities that lets you find out a whole lot more about your shiny iOS device. See device model, iOS version, network details, system load, uptime as well as disk and memory usage.

    Exclusive Console feature lets you dig deep into your device's internals. See messages sent by the operating system and other processes/apps. Definitely a great troubleshooting tool for developers and technical support.

    Last but not least, AppSwitch's over-the-air updates lets you keep the app as up-to-date as possible! Frequent release of the Apps Database helps improve overall app detection. Also available are free downloadable icon packs for supported apps.

    More Screenshots @ Facebook & Flickr

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. ImNoSuperMan

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    Jun 28, 2009
    Sounds kind of interesting. Though I'm not really sure how practical it'd be. If I could set the double click to launh this app instead of Apple's multitasking bar (or maybe some other similar universal shortcut), I might be able to get some use out of it. Maybe putting it in dock will make it somewhat usable.

    Also, how do you launch other apps from within your app? I think it's technically doable but that'd require those apps to be update with this feature. Only a few apps have this enabled (this article seems to list quite a few such apps but thats just too little). Unless apple makes it compulsary and every app supports this feature, I dont really see myself using your app much.

    I might still get it just for novelty's sake. But I'm mostly interested in the ipad version. So will it be universal or the ipad version will be a separate one?
  3. More to the point, the task tray shows you both what's running and the last apps you used in descending order. (The most recent app moves to the leftmost position in the task tray, second most recent to the right of that, and so on.) So I'm not really sure what use this is when it's not easily and universally accessible except as its own task in the very task tray it's trying to replace.
  4. kiancheong

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    Why AppSwitch (or the FAQ)..

    iOS4 brought us multitasking, but unfortunately, the Recently Used list does not tell you which apps continue to run in the background and which ones does not. AppSwitch tries to fill the void left by Apple in the new iOS4 by showing you exactly which apps are in the background.

    Switch to App technology
    Switch to App and Shortcuts work with apps that registers itself for launch using the openURL API. More info here:

    Killing Backgrounded Apps
    AppSwitch does not and will never be able to kill other backgrounded apps. There's no API for this and I don't think it's a good idea if Apple ever implements it. Imagine a nasty developer writing an app that kills other apps randomly. That would be a lot of mess.

    What if I need to free memory on my device?
    If you ever need to free memory on your device (e.g. by killing backgrounded apps) AppSwitch is here to help with its Processes list. You as the owner of the device can then decide on the apps that stay in the background, and the apps that needs to be killed.

    What's the difference with that compared to "free memory" utilities?
    Free memory utilities work by forcefully filling up all available memory in your device. When this happens, iOS tends to kill *all* running backgrounded apps.

    What is Console?
    The Console tab displays messages that are sent by applications, processes as well as the operating system. These messages are usually not visible to the end user, but are extremely useful if you ever need to troubleshoot an application. It uses documented APIs. :)
  5. iGewappnet

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    Nov 17, 2008
    Mainz, Germany
    Good idea. But for now the "Known Only" view is not useful because a lot of apps are not shown and the "All" view is messed up because it is flooded by system processes like BTServer, SpringBoard, etc. We need a view with all running apps (known or unknown), but without the common system processes.
  6. kiancheong

    kiancheong Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your feedback, iGewappnet.
    We built-in a feature where you can provide feedback on apps that you know about. New Apps Database with updated info will be released from time-to-time to facilitate this. Thanks! :)
  7. Rocotilos

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    Dec 5, 2009
    iOS Apps & Games Developer
    I would want this app when I get my iPhone4 later. Nice one kiancheong.
  8. ColeDaddy

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    I'm at work so I can't pop open iTunes to see the specs, but does this app work for non-iPhone 4 devices which have iOS4x installed? For example, I have a 3G 32GB iOS4x iTouch. Will it work on this? If so, I'm buying when I get home...
  9. kiancheong

    kiancheong Well-Known Member

    Yes, it does. :)
  10. ColeDaddy

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    Mar 20, 2010
    You know what it is...
    Washington D.C.
  11. Ryoma

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    Feb 23, 2009
    don't know how much will I actually use it, but seing I do carry istats on my phone and that you thought out of the box with this one. doing something different and useful, i bought it and set a 5 star review on the chilean appstore
  12. kiancheong

    kiancheong Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ryoma!

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