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    Today my app was featured by Apple Worldwide in 2 categories. (592 features) (My dream right?)
    The problem is that it was featured on the ios9-10 app store. (
    The app requires iOS 11+ to run.

    my iPad 2 sees the feature on the App Store but can't install it.
    my iPad pro does not see anything featured.

    I called, opened a ticket, and they did not understand me and denied that its even possible. I explained to apple that I can supply screen prints of my iPads as proof. We went in circles for 30 min.

    4/29/2019 - lol just heard from apple after 4 days. They think this is a safari issue and they want screenshots from safari (after ive cleaned my cache) or they won't help. Please explain what safari on my mac has to do with the iPad app store. Round, round we go again.
    4/30/2019 - just heard from senior staff at apple. They said that this is the normal process. I said you get no sales and possibly bad reviews so what's the point of featuring when apple does not get any money from it (and zero downloads)? They are escalating. Sigh, I think i'll take a break now.
    5/16/2019 - Apple did it again. They featured another of my apps in the wrong category "Magazines & Newspapers". It's a sleep & meditation app in the health category: no subscriptions included whatsoever. What gives? Is apple doing this on purpose to get me quit? I have to wonder.

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