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    Have you been looking for that next awesome ad free social app, something with all the tools to keep you connected such as privacy, chat, photo editors, collage creation, personal videos, friends and more?

    A construction entrepreneur usually found up on roofs in eastern Pennsylvania has now built something other than a roof, this time he built what could be the next big thing in Social Media, AppendMe. This free app has some awesome functionality and does not exceed 45 megs.

    The creator of the app, Enrico Torres, took one of the oldest tools ever invented, the wheel (approx. 3500 B.C.) and applied it to our digital lives today, as this app features the AppendMe Wheel as its primary interface / navigation system. It compartmentalizes the most desired functions giving users the power at their fingertips to express themselves and connect with the people and things they love in a whole new way.

    Above all, Mr. Torres believes that privacy and security is highly underestimated and misunderstood by average users. Therefore, you will have many options for who can see / save / share your posts and location.

    Similar to Google+, you will only see the posts / status of your friends on your Main Page, but by clicking the EYE icon, users can explore all public posts from every user on the platform, giving them the opportunity to make friend requests, comment and/or like, dislike or sympathize. This is a great way to connect with people. Groups are created similar to Twitter with Hashtags, also connecting you to others with common interests.

    For all you SMS, Texting and Chat fans, this app has a smooth chat system that works seamlessly between both IOS and Android devices.

    What is most impressive about this app is its ability for video / image / picture creation. It has its own built-in Video Recorder, (or the option to share any video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo) and its own camera with functions for Photo Editing / Filters, Text Over Images, Collages, Custom Backgrounds, and a great Timer for Selfies.

    Upon downloading and joining, you will soon be greeted by Enrico Torres himself, username @AppendMe. Ultimately, Mr. Torres has built this app with you the user in mind. Every function and every line of code was carefully thought out, therefore giving you a new app that is on-point and streamlined for an improved social experience.

    *Battery Consumption: Chat / Messaging functionality may decrease battery life. You will have the option to turn this feature on and off as needed.


    You can free download AppedMe from App Store here.

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