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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by belal.rawi, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. belal.rawi

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    Oct 9, 2008
    The App Store is Great, but its been out for a while and it needs to stay up to date with the number of Apps being released.

    There should be a Top 25 for both Popularity (Stars) and Most Downloads.

    Also, this should be viewable for specific categories.

    Also, the Games category should be split up into sub categories like puzzle, strategy, racing, etc.

    When the App store first opened, this wasn't needed.

    Now there are so many Apps that we need a little more organization.

    Just a thought.
  2. Are you on about the app store within iTunes or on the Touch/iPhone? If you are on about iTunes, then the various categories like Racing, Arcade etc can be found bottom left of the screen once you have clicked Games.
    But on the devices themselves, there is no way to view these sub-categories, you are right. We should be able to.
    They also need to bring back the All lists, so we can see all the new apps in one list instead of having to view by category.
  3. mek

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    already done, when you click on games, it will load the games page of the store,

    scroll down....keep on scrolling....and below the catagories section, is the subcatagories section, like puzzle, strategy, racing, etc.
  4. HA! Beat you to it Mek :)
  5. belal.rawi

    belal.rawi Member

    Oct 9, 2008
  6. In that case, as I said, you are right- it does need those sub-categories. Also, I want to be able to view ALL the screenshots of an app like I can in iTunes, instead of just the one.
  7. mek

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    touchee....but this war is not over wastedyuthe...it has just begun
  8. Ooooooooooh! :D
  9. don_k

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Ten ways Apple could improve the iPhone App Store

    1. Separate out New and Updated games

    The fact that a game is treated as 'new' if it's simply been updated is something we've moaned about before. Go to the App Store's list of all iPhone games sorted by release date, and despite all having today's date, many of them actually came out weeks ago, but have just been patched.

    It should be easy to have one list of games sorted by their actual release date, and another for those that have been most recently updated. It would also ensure that crafty developers don't release an endless series of updates with minor (if that) improvements just to get to the top of the App Store.

    2. Have gameplay videos on each product page

    We'd like Apple to take a leaf out of its own book here. On the regular iTunes Store's iPod section, every game has its own demo video showing off the gameplay – but there isn't the same on the App Store.

    You can't beat seeing a game in motion when deciding to buy it, so it'd be great to have a similar feature on the App Store for iPhone games. Of course, this may involve Apple providing tools to help smaller developers create such videos to the required quality – perhaps one reason why it hasn't been done already.

    5. More sorting options when browsing games

    The App Store could do with some better sorting options when you're looking for a game to buy – and one thing we'd love to see introduced is the ability to sort by user ratings.

    Right now, if you type in 'Sudoku' to the Power Search box on the app store, 30 games come up, but there's no option to sort them by their rating, so you have to click each one individually to see whether people think it's good.

    It's the same when you click through to the genre lists – Action, Puzzle, Racing and so on. Here, you can sort by Release Date, Name or Most Popular, with the latter seemingly based on number of downloads. What about an option to sort by User Ratings?

    The same request holds true for the App Store on the iPhone itself, by the way.

    6. Introduce a shopping cart

    Again, maybe this is a request driven by our heavy usage, but it'd be nice to have a shopping cart, like you do for the regular iTunes Store.

    So instead of buying games individually with the 'Buy App' button, we'd like to be able to add them to a cart (along with music, films or whatever else we're buying at the time).

    The option would still be there to buy individually, but it seems puzzling that the existing shopping cart option hasn't extended to the App Store.

    7. Sort out the Updates functionality

    This morning, my iPhone is saying six of my installed applications need updates. iTunes on my PC is saying just three do. Why there's this difference isn't clear.

    The Updates section works well on the iPhone itself, with a dedicated page in the App Store app to show you what's updatable. But Apple could improve the way iTunes handles this – perhaps even with a pop-up message when you login that says "x of your games have updates available", rather than making you click through to the Applications option in the left-hand menu to find out.

    8. Let me sign up to developer/publisher alerts

    Say I've bought a game from Gameloft, or Publisher X, or any one of the many small developers plying their wares on the App Store. It'd be good to be able to set up some kind of alert so that I'd know when any new games from them go live on the App Store.

    Some websites do this – Ticketmaster emailed me this week saying Primal Scream are on tour soon, because I set them up as one of my favourite bands a while ago.

    Given the issues finding genuinely new releases (see point 1), this would help keep track of titles by developers whose previous games we've enjoyed.

    9. Introduce 'Just For You' personalised recommendations

    This is something Apple does on the regular iTunes Store homepage – serves up a chart of stuff you might like based on previous purchases. Mine's currently suggesting tracks from Glasvegas, Crystal Castles, Elbow and, ahem, McFly.

    It's not surprising this wasn't on the App Store from launch – after all, people have to buy a bunch of games before they can be recommended others.

    But it's something that'd be great to have, again as a way of highlighting stuff we might like, but might not find unless we're on the App Store every day scanning the new releases.

    10. Encourage more demos of games

    Some publishers are cannily releasing free 'Lite' versions of their iPhone games, to let people have a go before deciding whether to buy the full version. We'd like to see more of this kind of thing, and Apple may be well-placed to encourage it.

    Think about what Nokia has done with N-Gage, getting every publisher to supply a demo for every game. Apple might not need to make this a requirement, but it could at least create a dedicated iPhone Game Demos category to nudge developers along that path.

    It's possible to deep-link from within apps to the App Store, so if these demos were time-limited, developers could put buttons in saying 'Buy Now'.

    From http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPhone/iPhone+news/feature.asp?c=8183
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    Oct 5, 2008
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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    You really thought this through huh, donkei? I agree with your post 100%.
  11. don_k

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    Oct 9, 2008
    No, I copied it from a pocketgamer article, see the link at the bottom of my post. I omitted #3 and #4 since they have been adressed with iTunes 8 and 2.1 update. I think their list is so good it's worth pasting here.
  12. mek

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    the ability to tag Lite versions as a Demo, and have a catagory for Demo's

    cause Demo's aren't exactly free Apps...kinda sorta but not really

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