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Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by Chimp Studios, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Chimp Studios

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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new dev tool available that lets devs find private APIs in their code before they submit to the iOS review team. Currently it will only match up method signatures, not instance variables, but that functionality is on the way. Check it out if it's something that will save you some time and frustration.

  2. At first I was sarcastically going to say, "Why not just not write code that uses private APIs"?

    But you might want to make use of some third-party library or something that you don't have complete control over, so, yes, this could be very useful. Nice work!
  3. Chimp Studios

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    That's part of the intent of this application is to catch items that the developer may miss because it is part of open source code.

    Also, it can be pretty easy to name a method that will accidentally overlap a private api method signature. Presto, even though there is a different implementation of that method the mere fact it shares a duplicate signature is grounds for rejection.
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    Nice tool!

    BTW, it's not just 3rd party stuff that folk need to worry about. There are a handful of standard OpenGL calls that work just fine on the iPad but are not officially supported by Apple. Apple considers these private APIs and will reject any updates to applications that use them.


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