App Sale Trackers - Eroding sales?

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by HTWGames, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Oct 10, 2011
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    Just wanted to see what most of us thought about these applications that track our price changing schedule information.

    Do you find it hinders the ability or worth of promotions on the mobile stores? Almost an invasion by consumers to have analytics into the economics of app pricing?

    Do you feel that we are charging way too little for what we are producing? And if so, do you think that it will be impossible to bring this audience back to actually paying for quality, rather than just expecting things for free?

    Does it seem that it is an unfair advantage to bury applications within the stores under the glut of sheer volume, only to also curtail the ability to shape your profitability by revealing your strategies so blatantly with invasive research methods?

    I ask these questions mainly to see what the common thought is around all this. It's seeming more and more devs are being destroyed by lack of exposure, but only to fold and give their software away for free just to get noticed. This seems to be more of a knee jerk reaction and is turning devs into useless ammunition to sell hand held devices. It's pretty insulting to have your work completely scoffed at because you've asked for more than 99 cents for something that may have taken a year to produce. And then when your main device to inspire purchasing(putting things on sale) becomes blatantly watched like a hawk and historically stored on so many other applications, does it feel like the software developers that are delivering their craft are being exploited and abused by a community that has learned to dodge paying for anything, simply by downloading their libraries whenever they go free?

    It's impossible to fight due to the high level of 'free' apps and apps that go free as promotions. I'd rather not rely on the consumers lack of monitoring skills to sell my product, and would prefer to be seen as an actual quality developer that deserves support and money for the product they have created.

    I'm failing to see why these apps and these tactics are being embraced just to climb the charts only to give away thousands+ in product. It's actually pretty insane when you consider any other market.


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