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    Hello community!

    I am Jared from Tap Me Games. We are responsible for developing bitFLIP and Galaxy Golf for the iPhone, and bitFLIP:HD for the iPad.

    We are making it our company's core focus to change in-game advertising (because it sucks) and we need your help to do so. Currently with have a very stable API called iComplishments 0.61. Two weeks ago we began quietly asking developers to use the API, and have a few currently implementing it into new and existing games. We now need to get a couple more.

    iComplishments displays sponsors in a radical new way that does not interfere with gameplay, but fit within the game. Throw out your current idea of mobile advertising : no banner ads and no videos that take precious screen real estate or make the player wait to play. iComplishments uses power-ups and achievements that introduce brands to players.

    Players choose a power-up related to the game that helps them have more fun. Could be jump higher, fly longer, prettier graphics, or anything the developer can imaging! Achievements are something a lot of players expect in games. iComplishments places a brand inside the achievement. It is non-disruptive and happens at a positive moment. The player does not mind because they get to continue what they came to do, play a game.

    We know games, and know it is is difficult to monetize games without advertising. The purpose of the closed beta is to get more players using iComplishments so we can get some of the big advertisers signed up and start making developers money.

    Currently the advertisers are not signed on so there is no money to be earned, but we have made every game and developer using iComplishments a Sponsor or Brand. This has provided a huge cross promotion for games and has helped with the huge problem of App Discoverability in the market place.

    We would love to show you more:
    Pick up Galaxy Golf for iPhone 4 Free, and bitFLIP HD iPad for free to try it out.

    Feel free to contact me. We will also be available at GDC Online for face to face meetings. We love this community and want to improve it!


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