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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by tsimmons, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Jul 21, 2008
    greetings. first time post and it comes in the form of a question. i am a newspaper reporter in raleigh, nc, talking with local developers of applications for the iphone. they run the gamut from a guy who put something together in his spare time to a company in durham that was already offering educational software for ipods (think textbooks w/cool graphics) and is tickled with the growing market offered by the iphone. just curious: is there any way of knowing if this broad spectrum in my unscientific sample is representative of the larger app developer universe for the iphone? i'm betting someone in this forum knows the answer to that.
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    I think that's right on the money.

    The proof is in the App Store itself.

    There are silly apps with no real purpose other than to make you smile (More Cowbell!)

    There are niche apps that serve 0 use for anyone other than the intended group which are free (GeoHash, ScoreCounter) or "priced for professionals" (Ichart)

    There are AMAZING apps which are free because the developers just want us to enjoy their work (Aurora Feint, Tap Tap Revenge)

    There are Terrible apps which should be free but aren't cause someone wants to make a quick buck... (I won't hold this against anyone)

    There are videogame developers looking to expand into a new market (Scrabble, Bomberman Touch)

    There are big companies making apps to keep you using their network (Facebook, Myspace, AIM)

    Seems like the developers are as varied as the people using their apps

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