App Developer Needed for Celebrity Brain Teaser/Quiz Game!

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    Moonshark is seeking a talented app development partner responsible for game design and development of a unique brain teaser quiz game. Developer will work with Moonshark and a celebrity creative partner to produce the game questions and content. The game concept is mechanically similar to apps like Moron Test or Hardest Game Ever, but has an extremely fun & unique twist! Developer should be seasoned in iOS app development (iOS + Android proficiency preferred).

    About Moonshark
    Moonshark is a new mobile entertainment publisher bringing to market stunningly original mobile apps by pairing the most creative minds in Hollywood with the world’s best mobile developers. Moonshark is backed by Creative Artists Agency (the biggest talent agency) and Qualcomm (the biggest mobile hardware company). Here is a great article over at USA Today covering the awesome things we’re doing with Hollywood talent in the mobile space.

    On June 28, we released our first title, DancePad. Within the first few days, DancePad became the #2 iPad game, #3 iPad app, and the #1 music game in the iTunes store. DancePad is an innovative, creative and addictively fun mobile music game capturing the charm of finger breakdancing (a popular Youtube meme). Check out the incredible coverage we received from the Wall Street Journal, Variety, and PandoDaily. DancePad was made in partnership with Jennifer Lopez, and numerous major and indie artists have been featured including the Jabbawockeez, The Bangerz, from Mayer Hawthorne, The Whigs, and Blaqstarr.

    Contact Information
    If you are interested in this partnership, email a cover letter, background overview, app links, or other applicable materials at for consideration. Thanks!

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